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Customer Comments

We take pride in offering quality service and the highest quality products. See what customers are saying about Primera Technology. If you would like to send us your comments, please email us: or use the web form.

CX1200e/FX1200e Digital Printing and Finsihing System

full colour oil label

"We chose Primera's CX1200e because it offers an unequaled print quality and with the FX1200e finishing system we can realize any label size and shape in a precise and fast way.
Once you become familiar with the system it's easy to use, currently we produce about 10,000 labels per month. The material that is used for our labels are matte, glossy or laid paper, white or beige, depending on the product type. The investment was made in view of accelerating the label availability and then consequently the whole product shipment and to reduce total cost of producing small label quantities. This allowed us to better meet the demands of existing customers and certainly allowed us to win new ones.
In particular, we are introducing a new line of canned food for which we intend to use the best CX/FX combo system to produce all the new labels. On top of that the time needed until the amortization of the system will be reduced, too."

Giovanni Cutrera, Frantoi Cutrera, IT

CX1200e/FX1200e Digital Printing and Finsihing System

"Speed and quality are two features hard to find in one solution, but Primera surprised us.”
There are no additional cost for dies and machinery and zero waiting time. Any required shape and size is possible with the FX1200e – and that in a very short time and without additional costs. Further time saving is achieved through the ability to handle both the printing and digital cut lines within the integrated CX1200e software, one of Primera's exclusive features.” Luca Napoli summarises: “With this investment we have a cost effective solution that allows us to make small quantities of high quality labels.
The production of small to medium labels quantities on-demand has never been easier!”

Luca Napoli, Etichettificio Ellenne S.r.l., IT

CX1200e/FX1200e Digital Printing and Finsihing System

“The printing of adhesive label rolls is a service that appears obviously in view of our geographical location.
We don’t need to look very far to realize that there is an enormous amount of manufacturers around us, who produce all kind of products bottled in flacons, jars or bottles. And all of them require labels. Many producers are still sticking labels by hand, although the step to simplify their task is not huge. Now there are small automatic or semi-automatic label applicators available for a reasonable price. Using adhesive labels saves them considerable time, allowing them to better focus on their core business.
We have retained the Primera solution among others. The print quality and the cutting convinced us at the live demonstration. And we got good feedback from other users.
Adjusting and make-ready times are greatly reduced, and we don’t need to achieve printing plates or cutting tool. In fact the printing and cutting are in-line, since they are both digital,” explains Robert Tison the advantages of the new CX/FX1200e printing solution.
“We are even more flexible to handle urgent orders, and we gained customers which we didn’t have or from which we had just a few ones in the past. The CX/FX1200e meets all our requirements in terms of quality and cost investment.”

Robert Tison, Imprimerie Souquet, FR

CX1200e/FX1200e Digital Printer and Finisher Combo

"I chose to purchase the complete Primera system even before I was certain to get customer orders for the machine, because I was convinced of its potential. In fact, in a very short time this system has allowed us to enter into a new market with only minor competition and we are now able to provide a full service from design to printing labels."
When asking him why he chose the CX-FX1200e system, Mr. Lorini answered: "The choice fell on Primera rather than on the competition for the completeness of the offered solution. To my knowledge it's still the only system available on the market, that offers an integrated workflow for digital printing and die cutting by using a single software, is easy to use and saves a lot of time.
The cost/performance ratio is exceptional, because you get a complete and reliable solution with an excellent print quality, though the cutting speed is a bit slower than the printing speed." And his cheerfully response to whether he would recommend buying the CX-FX1200e to other companies was: "No, otherwise I will create my own competition!""

Fabio Lorini, ETA BETA SRL, IT

Labelling sauces

LX900e Color Label Printer, AP360e Label Applicator

"When we first started, we used to print labels on A4 sheets which were then hand-applied to each product. However as demand and production grew and we began wholesaling our products to stores, it became obvious that higher quality labels and more efficient methods of applying them were required.
We use the printer to produce labels for our entire range of products and the applicator to apply them to bottles and jars. We print the number of labels required for each production run and these are applied once the products have cooled down sufficiently.
For what we do, I believed the LX900e and A360e are quite expensive. Especially for small companies who are most likely to benefit from it. However, we took the view that the costs would be outweighed by potentially pre-printed labels, which would then have to be discarded because of product changes or new label designs. So overall, because of how long we have used the system and how many labels we have printed (over 100,000) and redesigned, I do believe, the Primera system has been very cost-effective.
With the more professional labels produced on the LX900e, we undoubtedly made our products more attractive to retailers and year-on-year our sales continue to grow. We are really satisfied with the support and service with Primera as well as Primera’s UK representative KTEC Group. We highly recommend the system to other small businesses, who want something that produces professional results but offers so much flexibility. The Primera LX900e printer undoubtedly helped us to move quickly and cost-effectively to producing labels that attracted new business, which has helped us to grow sales both in the UK and abroad. The fact that we have been using the system for more than 3 years through a number of label designs speaks volumes.”

James “Bim” and Nicola Adedeji, Bim's Kitchen, UK

print bottle labels

LX900e Color Label Printer

"As well as being technically challenging, it was expensive to run the old machine, and it did not print colour easily as you had to change the ribbon each time. We wanted to produce high quality stunning labels for our increasing range of fine, award-winning wines, ales and liqueurs.With the LX900e the whole printing process is now much easier and importantly accurate. High quality colour labels are easily printable.
We would now always choose Primera due to stunning print quality, speed, cost per label, on-demand capability so we can produce labels when we need them, and lastly, reliability. We needed something we could rely on and this is somewhat of an industrial strength printer. We think it is great value, especially in the fact that we can order individual inks and that inkjet labels are easy to obtain.
We now have visually stunning labels to compliment our award winning wines, and the proof is that customers have commented on them since the change from our old method.

Donald Ealand, Chiltern Valley Winery, Brewery & B&B , UK

CX1200e/FX1200e Digital Printer and Finisher Combo

"As a label making company we are rather young – the youngest in Finland at the moment.
The flexo press we have is in many cases ideal for our purposes but we also got requests of smaller amounts of multi-coloured labels and weren’t able to offer such labels at a reasonable price. Generally speaking the flexo press isn’t an ideal solution for smaller runs so something else had to be found to meet the various demands of the clients.
Now with the CX/FX solution we are able to offer a wider range of labels to our existing clients. This means they don’t have to look for another printing house for small-run jobs anymore, we also acquired new clients; mostly small companies, which only need small numbers of labels. We have learned to compare the prices between the Primera system and our flexo press and can now offer the best solution depending on what the customer needs. We are definitely satisfied with the CX/FX combo.
The biggest improvement certainly is that now we can offer smaller amounts of labels at a reasonable price and even with a delivery time of just several hours. Now we have a total combo of two printing systems we can use to print labels in the most efficient way."

Timo Rouvi, Pirkanmaan Laatuetiketti Oy, FI

labelled products

LX900e Color Label Printer

"Before buying the LX900e I produced our labels on a traditional printer on pre-cut label sheets, but I lost a tremendous amount of time. Furthermore, the sheets were expensive and I was not totally satisfied with the quality of the final result. Sometimes I found myself wondering if there was a professional colour label printer, using rolls instead of sheets, that could be used in our company. When I met Primetec at the show and saw the Primera LX900e I thought it was not real!
First and foremost our image to the outside. Many customers have complimented us on our new labels, which are loved and well-known around the country after only a very short time!I am clearly satisfied with the solution. I have been surprised by how quickly I can now implement my ideas and by the many benefits of being flexible and independent. The print quality is excellent and the printing costs are extremely low. Initially we were a bit apprehensive about making the investment, but it has paid off in no time. If we had known that, we would have bought it sooner!"

Ms Codognotto, Il Forno Bottaro:, IT

CX1000e Color Label Printer

"Today the only inventory cost for a printed label is blank pre-die cut label stock and toner cartridges for color printing. There’s virtually no waste or scrap. But one of the most important advantages of the system is that it offers maximum flexibility and punctuality in the production of colour labels. By choosing Primera’s CX1000e Color Label Printer in combination with the Label Rewinder we can produce professional UV-, water-, solvent- and abrasion-resistant labels – perfectly suited to meet the highest quality requirements."

Igino Peruzzo, Erbaflor, IT

LX900e Color Label Printer, Label Rewinder, AP360e label Applicator

labelled product

"So far we are more than happy with our investments and feel that the price-quality ratio is very favourable. Quite frankly I haven’t even bothered to investigate other possible solutions.
I would definitely recommend the product to other companies with similar needs and actually you sold one Primera LX900e due to such a recommendation from me about a week ago, that pretty much says it all."

“Tack för Rewindern som jag fick igår. Ett fantastiskt litet tillbehör. Så simpel, men gör ändå exakt vad den skall och dessutom på ett perfekt sätt.
Primera är nog ganska duktiga på det dom gör. Har nu 3 produkter från dem, och samtliga har överträffat förväntningarna.”

“Thanks for the rewinder which arrived yesterday. A fantastic small accessory. So simple, but does exactly what it is supposed to do and also in a perfect way.
Primera seems to be quite good at what they are doing. I have now three products from them, and all of them has exceeded my expectations”.

Stefan Fahlander, Frebbenholm Trading AB, SE

CX1200e/FX1200e Digital Label Press/Label Finisher Combo

Primera Label Finisher France

Le combo de Primera est la machine idéale en termes de réactivité et de rapidité puisqu'elle lui permet de livrer des étiquettes en petite quantité en un temps record là où autrefois un imprimeur traditionnel refusait des commandes de 1000 étiquettes ou alors à des prix exorbitants et sous un délai minimum de trois semaines.
A propos de l'acquisition du Combo CX-FX de Primera M. Comberton déclare : « C'est parce que LPS m'a fait découvrir les machines de Primera que je suis devenu imprimeur. C'est une vraie libération d'avoir enfin trouvé les moyens techniques de mettre en application les créations que j'ai depuis longtemps en tête. Grâce à Primera, je n'ai plus aucune contrainte de forme, de budget ou de temps, c'est vraiment très stimulant. »

Francis Comberton, Speedetiq, FR

CX1200e/FX1200e Digital Printing and Finsihing System

"Our niche is small and medium-sized runs and we now print down to a minimum of about 50 labels, but of course you can order a single label if you like,” she says, smiling, “we are not impossible. Although we offer both, the majority of orders are made up of smaller quantities, usually between 1,000 to 2,000 labels.
At Labelexpo Brussels we found the toner-based Primera solution. The installation was done in less than a day and in no time we ran our first job in the new machine.
Now with our new digital label printer, suited for smaller runs, it's almost exactly the way we want it and the order books are full."

Kristina Norrman, Printikett AB, SE

CX1200e/FX1200e Digital Printing and Finsihing System

The strength of CX1200e and FX1200e clearly lies in small runs of around 100 pieces and up to 2,000, depending on the label format. We print up to 203 mm in width and approximately 300 mm in length and it is a wide range of different labels, that we produce. The formats are different. There are round and square labels with one or more colours. The economic advantage clearly lies in the four colour print - and in the mentioned production sizes. With the Primera solution we can compete with prices that are 40-50 percent below our competitors that run on other equipment."

Palle Jakobsen, DK

CX1200e/FX1200e Digital Printer and Finisher Combo

"The reason why we started thinking about what needs our customers – including not only the packaging industry but also big printing companies – might have. We soon discovered that there needs to be a way to supply finished labels faster, less expensively and in higher quality depending on the number required.
The cosmetics industry has very specific demands on visual appearance. Some of the labels we manufacture are shown in TV commercials. With the new machine we can meet these requirements without any difficulties.
We are now able to print longer label formats. We are talking here about up to 1,000mm – and that on rolls! There's no other machine in Germany that can manage that," mentions Oliver Datum.
"The ingenious winding and clamping system automatically applies the right amount of pressure to the output roll with the labels that have already been printed. Therefore, separate winding of the roll is not necessary. Further to that, a software tool indicates during proof printing what the costs per label are. Thus, our cost estimation process is more reliable than it has been in the past.
The CX1200e demonstrates flexibility where substrates are concerned, the user can choose between laser printing paper, white and clear polyester and vinyl – with the extra options of matt, semi-gloss or high-glossy finishes.
With the two Primera machines we have defined a new business area, expanded our portfolio and very successfully filled a niche."

Peter and Oliver Datum, Typographica GmbH, DE

Primera Support Team

"The communication with PRIMERA's Support Team was very good. Once the robot arrived at PRIMERA, we have been regularly informed about our device's status, and it was returned to us very quickly. Perfect !"

REVON, Disc Publisher SE, Boulogne, FR

labelled products

LX400e Color Label Printer

"The costs of labels when ordering them from an external printing house were only low when you purchase a high production quantity. We're a small company with only a small amount of different products. So we don't need thousand and thousand of labels for only one product. Therefore we were looking for a small on-demand printing solution.
One major advantage of the LX400e is that labels produced with it are smudge-, water- and oil-resistant. Usually when bottles and tubes of cosmetic products like beauty creams, essential oils, etc. are open, the content tends to spill on the product label and the ink is either smearing instantly or starts to deteriorate. But with Primera's label material we don't have to worry about that."

Colette Julien, Fragrantielles, FR

Kerstin Jeckel

LX810e Color Label Printer

By using the LX-Series I developed other ideas. After a while I started using hologram bags instead of the cardboard boxes, as those bags with the fitting label have a classier and more original and individual look. Especially as I use a different bag colour for each new series. Because of the different label sizes and materials printed by the LX-Series, it became a constant source of inspiration. When someone visits my art gallery and leaves it with a new piece of art, they should carry it home in a nice bag, like you do when buying new clothes in a boutique. These paper bags look as elegant and classy as the packaging of my panel paintings, because labels produced with the LX-Series reflect brilliant colours and the glossy finish adds to their high-quality look.
And the best part of it all", summarises the artist, "is the fun and joy you have while working with this label printer!"

Kerstin Jeckel, Artist, DE

LX900e Color Label Printer, AP362e Label Applicator

Following a recent appearance on the BBCs ‘Dragons Den’ by a UK vineyard displaying bottles with labels printed on the LX900e we are seeing a great deal of interest from UK vineyards looking at the LX900e and AP362e and this customer comment:
"Geoff is absolutely correct - Of course I looked for other solutions but after I've seen and realised how simple the LX900e is to use, I knew it was perfect for us. The Primera LX900e is a superb printer. I can honestly say that the print quality is first class and your only limit to label design is your imagination. I can also strongly recommend the Primera AP362e Label Applicator to go along with the printer.

Chris Spakouskas, Yorkshire Heart Vineyard, UK

CX1200e Color Label Press

"Thanks to the inexpensive purchasing price, linked to low operating costs, stability and ease of use, the Primera CX1200e Digital Color Label Press and the Labelfinishing System 1200 are the ideal solution for the fully automated printing and finishing of short-run, full colour labels. Thanks to this investment we have a profitable label solution in-house with excellent quality. Label-on-demand has never been easier.”

Erik and Dennis van der Linden, Dacar Digital Priting, BE

Disc Publisher SE

CEUMEDIA is an Internet television who also works as an external producer. We recorded congresses, seminars and conferences that we recorded on dvd. Our experience with the printer is very satisfactory. Every week we recorded and print dvd, about 5 a week, with an excellent quality. For a recent 1500 dvd custom us has also been very useful printer.

Manuel Albacete, CEUMEDIA, ES

Disc Publisher


Gordon Munyika, Good-Mouse Inc., ZA

Primera Support Team

The communication with PRIMERA's Support Team was very good. Once the robot arrived at PRIMERA, we have been regularly informed about our device's status, and it was returned to us very quickly. Perfect !

REVON, Disc Publisher SE, Boulogne, FR

Disc Publisher SE

Its an amazing machine, very high quality prints on the surface, the cd burner is so far very good, tried cd's on several stereos who have trouble with copied CD's and no problem so far. I'm very happy for buying this product.

Kjell Bendixen,Dr BenDix Music Machine, Fredrikstad, NO

Disc Publisher SE

We are a non profit group and use our CDs to fund our music. We go to churches, care homes, prisons etc. Making our CDs has been a very slow process as I am disabled its even harder. I have desired this printer for some time and I am delighted now to have one. I am looking forward to putting 20 CDs in the printer and having a cup of tea instead of sitting over them one at a time. Well done for an excellent product.

Peter Brown, Ministry of Song, Wishaw, UK

Disc Publisher Pro vs. Epson

Twelve months ago we supplied an Epson Discproducer to a publisher of DVD's. He looked at the DP Pro, but decided to have the Epson as the print quality was just a bit sharper and he wanted the Epson brand name. He was very tempted by the DP Pro, as he had read good reviews and liked the demo we gave him but in the end he bought the Epson.

Straight away there were issues. He hadn't told us he was using Vista, and there were no Vista drivers at the time for the Epson, so he had to buy XP and downgrade a PC. Then the Epson failed, and he was advised by Epson that the engineer would be 5 days, even though Epson's agreement was Next Working Day. We moaned at Epson, even offered to send our own engineer to fix it but Epson would not allow that.

Anyway, Epson replaced the original unit with a new one. We lost contact with the guy as we could not buy consumables anymore and he was told to deal with Epson UK direct, by Epson.

Forward to today and I received a call from the customer. He was pleased to speak to Bannerbridge again, and wanted a quote for a DP Pro CD/DVD and ADL-MAX. I asked him about the Epson and wait for it... They are now on their fourth replacement unit (5 in total including the original) and have another visit from the Epson engineer tomorrow, with possibly the sixth machine.

I admired his patience and he said enough's enough, he should have gone with his first choice and will probably be ordering the Primera kit next week.

Bannerbridge, UK

The Disc Publisher II in use at the LCC franchise headquarter

Primera Disc Publisher at Lufthansa City Center

With more than 600 travel agencies in nearly 80 countries the LCC is one of the biggest and most independent franchise systems in the travel agency sector. Alone in Germany, the owner-managed chain of middle class travel agencies has 300 offices with more than 2500 employees.

Every year in November, the franchise headquarter, located in Frankfurt, organizes a general assembly with nearly 500 participants worldwide. For the event in Malta in 2008, we searched for an appropriate gift in order to thank not only the franchisees but also the sponsors for their support. As during the event a huge number of photos as well as a video were made, the idea was born to send all an own composed CD and DVD. Until then we had only the possibility to stick a paper label to our CDs and DVDs. This however would’ve been too time-consuming and expensive with a production volume of twice 500 discs.

By contacting the European headquarter of Primera in Wiesbaden, Germany we were informed about the Disc Publisher devices. In order to test the quality of the all-in-one systems (burning and printing), DTM Print produced our memory CDs and DVDs as test order for the General Assembly 2008.

Lufthansa-DVD produced on Primera Disc Publisher

We were so impressed by the speed as well as by the clarity and quality of the print results. Considering that we will have more annual events of this dimension and that there are other possible application for a Disc Publisher within our company, we decided to purchase a Disc Publisher II.

Through our local distributor “One Point Storage Systems GmbH” in Bodenheim, Germany, we purchased the device and still buy the ink cartridges as well as blank disc media there. The employees of One Point are also available for technical inquiries, which though was hardly necessary because of the easy and simple usability of the device.

Since the purchase beginning of 2009, the Disc Publisher II was used for many projects in the franchise headquarter: e.g. for the General Assembly 2009, where a music CD with the favourite songs of nearly 60 LCC countries had to be produced as a gift for all participants. But also for the copying of presentation material or the production of demo CDs, including technical solutions of the franchise headquarter for LCC partners. Our average productions runs are between 5 and 500 pieces – way too many to produce them manually with only a single PC burn drive, but on the other hand not enough for an external company.

Buying the Disc Publisher II was profitable for us at all points. It was never easier and faster to produce a multiple number of CDs and DVDs with the same quality.

Anke Both, Projektmanagerin Marketing, Lufthansa City Center, Reisebüropartner GmbH

Disc Publisher Pro

"I have been using the Disc Publisher Pro for about 3 years. I am a dealer who sells a few of Primera products, I also do DVD production & duplication offering direct to disc printing using a "Primera Disc Publisher Pro" Printer, which I purchased from them about 2 1/2 years ago. I have had excellent service from this machine until it got wiped out by a power surge. I was very worried that I I could no longer print onto discs, and would have to wait for the unit to be fixed or replaced. This would have seriously affected my business. I was stunned when the distributor in Southafrica offered me a demo unit for loan until my printer was fixed or replaced (Please bear in mind the unit was well out of its guarantee period)

Service like this is a rare thing today. I can highly recommend dealing with Primera distributors. They care about their clients. Thank you"

John Strickland, Truth Video, ZA

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