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Labels for Every Language Area

Frebbenholm Trading AB, a company producing food products based on 100 per cent natural raw materials, realised that even within the European Union, every language area and every country needs its own version of product labels. The story of how the company sells its Power of Arctic raw materials from the land of the midnight sun and which solution they use is told here.

LX900e: A solution for companies that need individual product labels in different languages as well as personalised labels.

Frebbenholm Trading AB is a very new business venture started in 2013. It was set up by Stefan Fahlander, director and principal owner, and his partners in Finland, Hong Kong and Singapore. Their business idea was to develop, manufacture and market food products based on 100 per cent natural raw materials from the Nordic (Scandinavian) nature. Their first products, which included functional foods in the form of healthy food, as well as health food and dietary supplements, were launched in December 2013.

LX900e product label

When we started we did not realise that labelling would become a big issue. Our intention was to have a few ‘generic’ versions of labels for each product,“ explained Stefan. In the beginning, the labels were printed by a traditional label printing company.

"Quite quickly we understood that this was not really possible. We realised that even within the EU, every language area and every country needed its own version of the product label. And on top of that, requests for private labels and other special requests from our customers needed to be addressed as well.

Hence, it was impossible for Frebbenholm Trading to rely on external print houses to produce its product labels. What was needed was some kind of solution, which allowed them to print the labels in house and in the actual required quantities. AIn addition, fulfilling requests of personalised and private labelling should also be possible.

labeled product

Stefan continued, “Before we even had the time to start looking for a solution, we visited the Natural Products Scandinavia show in Malmö, Sweden. And there we happened to ‘run into’ the Primera stand and the obvious solution to our problems. The Primera team showed us the advantages of the LX900e Color Label Printer. For example the individual inks for cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Single inks are quite environmental friendly, as you just have to replace the colour that is empty instead of changing an entire cartridge that contains all colours. That alone is perfect as it reflects our closeness to nature and our wish to save the environment.

Frebbenholm Trading has invested some € 3,500 in the complete labelling solution which includes an LX900e Color Label Printer, an LX-Rewinder for no more self-rewinding of labels and a smooth production process and an AP360e Label Applicator perfect for applying labels faster and more accurately on cylindrical containers. In combination with a database solution designed by Frebbenholm Trading itself, the Primera equipment gives them the opportunity to produce labels just in time and in exactly the needed quantity.

LX900e labeled products

So far, we are more than happy with our investments and feel that the price-quality ratio is very favourable. Quite frankly, I haven’t even bothered to investigate other possible solutions,” emphasised Stefan.

He’s curious about a high performance version of the LX900e in the future and would be prepared to pay considerably more for such a version, if it could produce labels faster and at a lower cost per piece.

"Frebbenholm Trading is really satisfied with the support and service of Primera, as well as Primera’s Swedish representative, Christian Almstedt of Absurd Ideas AB.

I would definitely recommend the product to other companies with similar needs,” says Stefan, “And actually, Primera sold another LX900e due to such a recommendation from me. That pretty much says it all.

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