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DP-4200/DP-4202 XRP Series Complete Installer

Disc Publisher DP-4200 series Complete Installer for PC PC InstallerDownload    186 MB - 08-15-17

Disc Publisher DP-4200 series Complete Installer for Mac    23 MB - 10-18-19   Compatible with OS 10.9 - 10.15 (Catalina) - NEW!Mac InstallerDownload

DP-4200/DP-4202 XRP Series Printer Drivers

Disc Publisher DP-4200 series Driver Only for PC PC InstallerDownload    84 MB - 12-8-17

DP-4200/DP-4202 XRP Series Firmware

Firmware Updates

PC Firmware Updates

Download Version 1.35 (10) Updater.
You may also get the latest firmware and software for your Disc Publisher via PTPublisher. Click the Help menu - Select "Check for Updates"

Firmware Updates

Mac Firmware Updates

To get the latest firmware and driver go to Mac System Preferences - Print & Scan - Select the Disc Publisher 4200 - Click on Options and Supplies - Utility -Open Printer Utility. Click About... and then Check for Updates. Once the driver update has completed you will be prompted to update the firmware.


Are your cartridges drying out or is the DP-4200 printing with missing colours?
Click here for instructions on cleaning your cartridge?

Manuals and Documentation

Disc Publisher DP-4200 Series Manual - English
Disc Publisher DP-4202 XRP Manual - English
  Disc Publisher DP-4200 Series Quickstart - English

Support Videos


  How to reactivate dried cartridges

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