print and burn your own disc
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DP-4200 Series Disc Publishers and Printers

DP-4200 Series automates the process of burning and printing quantities of recordable CDs,DVDs and Blu-ray Discs. Discs are transported one at a time into either single or dual optical drives using the built-in robotics. After data is burned, the discs are transported to a high-speed, high-resolution full-colour disc printer.

Features of the new DP-4200 Series include:

Bin Selection option to specify different media types for each bin

By using the “Bin Selection” option in PTPublisher you can set the disc type (CD, DVD, BDR) for each disc bin separately. This option is available for any disc publisher that is compatible with KIOSK mode and has the Kiosk Kit installed. (It does not work with DP-4052.)
Just setup the job by choosing the correct disc type for each bin, load the correct type of disc in the bin and the robot will pick from the appropriate bin based on your disc type selection.

print and burn your own disc

Just a few of the most popular uses include content for police car video evidence, PACS images in radiology, court proceedings, worship services, high-resolution wedding videos, music CDs for bands to sell and photo collections for mission trips.

Seven models available:

All models are compatible with Windows 7/10+ and Mac OS X 10.7 (or higher). Optional Blu-ray Disc recordable drives available.

Here you can find out more about Disc Publisher DP-4200 Series Models: Model Overview

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