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Learn more about DTM Print label materials:

To produce exceptional product labels for all kinds of applications you not only need advanced print technology as integrated in our colour label printers but you also need high-quality material.

To guarantee the best results we recommend DTM Genuine Label Stock either for Laser Printers (such as OKI Pro1050 or Primera CX1200e), Thermo Transfer Printers (such as DTM FX510e) or InkJet Printers (such as Primera LX910e).

Which material for which markets? Labelling Solutions as unique as your Product!

General Information


Technical Data Sheets - DTM InkJet Labelstock

DTM Paper Tag Matte

NEW! DTM Paper Tag Luster

DTM Paper Tag High Gloss

DTM Cotton Fabric Cream (CFC)

DTM Cotton Fabric White (CFW)

DTM Paper Gold Gloss (PGG)

DTM Poly Silver Gloss (PSG)

DTM Poly White Gloss (PWG)

DTM Poly Pearly Gloss (PPG)

NEW! DTM Poly White Matte Advanced

DTM Poly White Matte Eco (PWME)

DTM Poly White Matte BS-certified (PWMBS)

DTM Poly Clear Gloss Eco (PCGE)

DTM Paper Semi Gloss (SG)

DTM Paper High Gloss (HG)

DTM Paper High Gloss (Non-Permanent)

DTM Paper High Gloss (Hot-Melt)

DTM Paper Matte (M)

DTM Paper Matte Nature (MN)

DTM Vintage Paper Eco (VPE)

DTM Vinyl Matte (VM)


Technical Data Sheets - DTM Dry Toner Labelstock

NEW! DTM Paper Matte Black (MB)
(suitable for FX510e, OKI Pro1050 and more)

DTM Paper High Gloss (RHG)

DTM Paper Matte (RSG)

DTM Paper Multiprint White (RMPW)

DTM Poly White Gloss (RPWG)

DTM Poly PET White Gloss (NNPWG)

DTM Poly White Matte (RPWM)

DTM Poly White Matte Flexible (TPWMF)

DTM Vinyl Matt Premium (057509)

DTM Poly Transparent Gloss (RPTG)

DTM Poly PET Transparent Gloss (NNPTG)

DTM Poly Transparent Matte (RPTM)

DTM Paper Antique White (RAW)

DTM Paper Antique Cream (RAC)

DTM Paper Wine Cream (NNWC)

DTM Paper Kraft Brown (RKB)

DTM Paper Satin Gold (RPSG)

DTM Paper Satin Silver (RSS)

DTM Poly Silver Matte (RPSM)

Technical Data Sheets - Lamination Rolls

"Quiet" Lamination Film Roll, linerless 2.1 mil (057552)

"Lamination Film Roll, linerless 1.8 mil (057555)

Matte Lamination Film Roll, linerless 1.5 mil (057557)

Lamination Film Roll, linered 0.92 mil (057559)

Technical Data Sheets - Thermal Ribbons

DTM Gold Metallic Foil

DTM Silver Metallic Foil

DTM Clear Foil

DTM Blue Metallic Foil

DTM Red Metallic Foil

Technical Data Sheets - Thermal Labelstock

NEW! DTM Poly Clear Gloss TT


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