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DTM Werbung & EDV – Primera Europe – DTM Group

In more than 30 years from a garage company to a reliable partner and solution provider for specialty printing systems: Primera Technology Europe is now becoming DTM Print GmbH.

1986 – Foundation of DTM Werbung & EDV GmbH. Passion for computers and love for the Amiga characterized the first years of our company. At that time DTM dealt with graphics tablets, provided computer-aided services on customer request and soon became a dealer of branded PCs and Commodore Amiga computers with all accessories. A shop in Wiesbaden-Bierstadt as well as in the pedestrian zone in Wiesbaden-City were opened. New office buildings, warehouse and workshop were necessary, in order to make special orders possible, like the initial equipment of the computer infrastructure of the state capital Wiesbaden.

Through intensive contacts to manufacturers the assortment for Amiga customers could be extended very fast. Our still existing preference for special printers had its roots in 1992 when we became German distribution partner of the company Fargo Inc. for its ID-card printers and the at that time spectacular photo printers. New markets, now also for PC and Mac, were added and the targeted support of dealers and integrators made our company even more exciting.

2001 – Name change to Primera Europe GmbH. After the sale of the Fargo ID Card division in the USA, the Fargo spin-off became Primera Technology Inc. in 1998. DTM Werbung & EDV GmbH initially took over the exclusive distribution in Europe and became Primera Europe GmbH in 2001, now responsible for the distribution in the entire EMEA region. Over the years, the product portfolio was expanded from CD/DVD/BD duplication and printing systems to colour label printers and other special printing systems for industrial and medical applications.

The most famous products are:

With our passion for tailor-made solutions and many years of experience we became specialists for special niche products. Since 2013 we have been able to intensify our project business with well-known manufacturers such as Coca-Cola, Mars and L'óreal.

DTM Group Building

DTM Group
Mainzer Strasse 131, 65187 Wiesbaden, Germany

2019 – Primera Technololgy Europe becomes DTM Print GmbH. With today meanwhile more than 40 employees, 1500 sqm in offices, workshop as well as the demo and training rooms and 1200 sqm storage space, the company is looking to the future with an expansion of it’s product and service portfolio.

To reflect this evolution we decided to give our original brand DTM a new look: DTM is the abbreviation for Data Technology Management – that is what we are still doing, passionately, individually and project-oriented for our customers. A better future is our passion. We have been developing individual solutions for printing and computers since 1986. In future, the DTM Group formally unites all of the group's subsidiaries together into a holding company under the header of DTM Holding GmbH. Primera Technology Europe becomes DTM Print GmbH.

Our company is still based in our home town: Wiesbaden is located in the middle of the Rhine-Main area, the largest transportation hub in Europe, and near Frankfurt, with Europe's largest airport (cargo) and the Mainz container port.

DTM printing and solution provider

The current product lines are:

All-in-One CD/DVD/BD Publishing Systems

Disc Publisher for single unique copies or small quantities
Disc Publisher SE-3

  • World’s smallest duplicating and printing systems
  • USB 3.0 – for fastest data transfers
  • Disc capacity: 20 discs
  • Three models available:
    • Disc Publisher SE-3 Autoprinter (for printing only)
    • Disc Publisher SE-3 (1 CD/DVD drive)
    • Disc Publisher SE-3 Blu (Blu-ray model, 1 CD/DVD/BD drive)

Disc Publisher for quantities of hundreds of full-colour discs day by day
DP-4200 Series

  • USB 3.0 – delivers the fastest possible recording speeds
  • One high-yield, tri-colour ink cartridge
  • Disc capacity: 50-100 discs
  • Also available as Blu-ray models
  • Seven models available:
    • DP-4200 Autoprinter (for printing only)
    • DP-4052 Disc Publisher (1 CD/DVD drive)
    • DP-4052 Disc Publisher Blu (1 CD/DVD/BD drive)
    • DP-4201 Disc Publisher (1 CD/DVD drive)
    • DP-4201 Disc Publisher Blu (1 CD/DVD/BD drive)
    • DP-4202 Disc Publisher (2 CD/DVD drives)
    • DP-4202 Disc Publisher Blu (2 CD/DVD/BD drives)

Professional-Grade Disc Publishers
DP-4202 XRP Series

  • 19" industrial solution
  • USB 3.0 – delivers the fastest possible recording speeds
  • One high-yield, tri-colour ink cartridge
  • Disc capacity: 100 discs
  • Two models available:
    • DP-4202 XRP Disc Publisher (2 CD/DVD drives)
    • DP-4202 XRP-Blu Disc Publisher (2 CD/DVD/BD drives)

High-Speed CD/DVD/BD Tower Duplicators

DUP-Series „Black Edition“ Duplicator Towers
  • Copy Towers for up to 6, 8, 10 or 14 disc at a time.
  • Stand-alone systems, no PC required
  • Built-in hard drive
  • Models available:
    • DUP-6 (6 recorders)
    • DUP-8 (8 recorders)
    • DUP-10 (10 recorders)
    • DUP-14 (14 recorders)

Inkjet Colour Label Printers


  • Full-colour label printers, producing either one label at a time or thousands per day
  • Supports barcode printing
  • LX500e Color Label Printer – smallest full-colour label printer for short-run label production, optional built-in label cutter
  • LX910e Color Label Printer – fastest and highest print quality colour label printer with built-in fully automatic pizza-wheel cutter
  • LX1000e Color Label Printer - industry-standard full-colour label printer with large separate CMYK ink tanks (pigmented and BS5609 Section 3 certified)
  • LX2000e Color Label Printer - industry-standard full-colour label printer with large separate CMYK ink tanks (pigmented and BS5609 Section 3 certified), built-in Ethernet or wireless connection options and cutter

Colour Label Printers with pigment ink

LX910e Color Label Printer

Print with dye or pigment ink, all in the same printer, by simply changing out an ink cartridge.

  • Fast Print Speeds of up to 114mm (4.5”) per second.
  • Dual Ink System – Print with dye-based ink for the most colourful and vibrant looking labels. Swap out the all-in-one ink cartridge in 2-3 seconds and print with pigment ink for the most durable inkjet labels.
  • Tri-Color Ink Cartridge
  • Sturdy Metal Enclosure

LX2000e Color Label Printer

  • Fast Print Speeds of up to 152mm (6”) per second.
  • Robust construction
  • Better water and UV resistance due to pigment ink
  • BS5609 Section 3 certified
  • Large separate ink cartridges keep label costs low
  • GHS-compliant label printing
  • Built-in wired/Ethernet or wireless connection
  • Built-in pizza-wheel label cutter
  • Mac OS X 10.8+ compatibility.

Colour Label Printers with Dry Toner LED-Technology

CX86e Colour Tag Printer

  • CMY three-colour toner cartridge
  • For vouchers, coupons, receipts, ID tags with photos, visitor badges, stickers, sleeves, loop ribbons, cardboards

Pro1050 Colour Label Printer

  • Unique fifth colour option “white”
  • Print white on transparent or coloured label stock
  • Complete solution with an All-in-One-PC avialable

Digital Label Press and Finisher

CX1200e Digital Color Label Press

  • Perfect for production runs of thousands of full-color labels in all sizes and shapes

FX1200e Digital Finishing System

  • Laminates, die-cuts, removes waste matrix, slits and rewinds finished labels to rolls
  • Compatible with the CX1200e and other narrow-web output devices

Accessories for Label Printers

ACS-216e Auto Cutter System for LX900e

  • Addition for LX900e Color Label Printer
  • External durable rotary cutter can cut through label stock, heavy papers and plastics

RW-7 Label Rewinder and UW-7 Label Unwinder

  • Especially designed for LX-Series Colour Label Printers
  • Automatically rewinds the rolls perfectly tight and straight and unwinds label rolls which is perfect for a larger roll diameter than used in LX printers
  • Provides a continuous label production with Primera‘s LX-Series Colour Label Printers

Industrial-Grade RW-9 Right Winder and LW-9 Left Winder

  • Especially for use in an industrial environment
  • Unwind and rewind label rolls with up to 30 kg and 228.6mm (9“) width

FX510e Foil Imprinting System

  • Adds gold, silver, metallic colour elements or clear foil to pre-printed/blank labels
  • Foils available in various spot colours and clear foil for labels with partial glossy add-ons
  • FX510ec model featuring a built-on guillotine cutter

AP-Series Label Applicators

  • For wrinkle free label application
  • For flat and round containers
  • Three models available: AP360e and AP362e for labelling round containers, AP550e for labelling flat containers

Durable Label Production for Harsh Environments

LP130e Laser-Marking system

  • Direct laser marking
  • For labels that withstand extreme conditions such as heat, chemicals etc.
  • Asset tags and labels – to protect and identify valuable equipment and devices

Printing Solutions for Medical Labs

Signature-Series: Printers for slides and cassettes

  • More efficient and accurate specimen identification
  • Increase of patient safety and reduce the risk of misidentification of specimen
  • Printing of text, graphics, logos or linear and 2D bar codes
  • Available models:
    • Signature Cassette Printer
      • 4 cassette hoppers (Autoloader)
      • Capacity per hopper: 40 cassettes (Autoloader)
      • Available with manual or robotic feed
    • Signature Slide Printer
      • 100 slide capacity


Disc Publisher

PT Publisher

  • Burn and print software for Windows and Mac
  • Built-in design software

PTPublisher NE

  • Network software to connect and share Disc Publishers
  • Unlimited clients, no further license fee


  • Anti-rip copy protection software
  • Prevents unauthorized duplication of DVD video files

Signature Slide and Cassette Printer


  • Developed specifically for the Signature slide and cassette printers
  • Creates individual laboratory-templates

Label Printer

  • Bartender UltraLite Primera Edition and NiceLabel SE Primera Edition - Label design software for Windows
  • Swift Publishers - Label and Disc design software for Mac


Optical media with WaterShield™ and WaterSafe Surfaces

  • Primera TuffCoat Inkjet Printable CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs with White High Gloss WaterShield Surface
  • Primera Inkjet Printable CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs with White High Gloss WaterSafe Surface
  • Primera Inkjet Printable CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs with White Matte Surface

Label Substrates

  • High-gloss and semi-gloss paper labels
    • smudge-proof
    • hot-melt, non-permanent or permanent adhesive
  • Plastic labels such as polyester and vinyl labels
    • Highly smudge- and water-proof
  • Specialty labels such as
    • Vintage/Antique Paper
    • Polyester Silver/Gold
    • Shapes and sizes according to customer specifications

Medical Cassettes and Slides

  • From Primera and other manufacturers

Want more?

Other supplies such as ink cartridges, print heads etc. are available from DTM Print, too.

More information about DTM, company profile and product lines can be found on dtm-print.eu or http://dtm-medical.eu. Please Contact DTM Print by phone +49 611 927770 or via email at sales@dtm-print.eu.

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