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About us!

DTM Print, a member of the DTM Group, is a German OEM and solution provider, specialised in printing equipment and with over 32 years of experience in developing individual printing services. As a pioneer in speciality printing and with decades of experiences, we represented as Primera Europe GmbH the US brand in EMEA for many years. Beside own products, we work closely with well-known manufacturers to provide the best possible printing solution.

DTM Print Team:


Andreas HoffmannAndreas Hoffmann
Managing Director Operation
Frank Droste Frank Droste
Managing Director Administration


Monika Fricke Monika Fricke
Marketing Manager
Lea König Lea König
Product Manager
Danielle Deutzer Danielle Deutzer
Social Media Manager
Lucy Hoffmann Lucy Hoffmann
Visual Media Manager
Anke Both Anke Both
Public Relations


Volkmar Heinemann Volkmar Heinemann
General Sales & Logistics Manager
Anke Both Anke Both
Sales-Marketing Coordinator
Matthias Denich Matthias Denich
Sales Coordinator EMEA
Andreas Ramp Andreas Ramp
Sales Coordinator EMEA
Roberto Arangio Roberto Arangio
Sales Coordinator EMEA
Tormod Schüßler Tormod Schüßler
Sales Healthcare
Didier Jouandeau Didier Jouandeau
Office France
Anja Droste Anja Droste-Hawke
Sales Assistant
Fatima Romero Fatima Romero
Sales Assistant
Sarah Reske Sarah Reske
Customer Relations
Simone Gupta Simone Gupta
Customer Service
Simone Gupta Marika Torluccio
Import/Export Adviser


Katrin Eltner Katrin Eltner
Accounts Manager and Administration Assistant
Corinna Mernberger Corinna Mernberger
Financial Accountant
Birgit Ehrhardt Birgit Ehrhardt

Service and Support

Burhan Kasap Burhan Kasap
Service and Support Manager
Peter Sänger Peter Sänger
OEM Support and Development
Frank Weber Frank Weber
System Administrator
Alen Mujkic Alen Mujkic
IT / Development
Patrick Hertwig Patrick Hertwig
IT / System Integration
Michael Pintus Michael Pintus
Technical Support Assistant
Steven Juppe Steven Juppe
Technical Support Assistant
Ricardo Lammers Ricardo Lammers
Technical Support Assistant
Alexander Leschnik Alexander Leschnik
Technical Assistant
Victor Sivirin Victor Sivirin
Technical Assistant


Andreas Scholz Andreas Scholz
Warehouse Supervisor
Marcel Gräf Marcel Gräf
Warehouse Assistant
Sezer Deniz Sezer Deniz
Warehouse/Logistik Assistant
Frank Hittinger Frank Hittinger
Warehouse Assistant
Daniel Sivirin Daniel Sivirin
Warehouse/Logistik Apprentice

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