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From the beginning it was only locical that the panel paintings of artist Kerstin Jeckel deserved a special packaging in which they are sold to art collectors and customers. Especially as these small paintings are often purchased as gifts. Because of the LX810e Color Label Printer there are no limits for the artist.


Kerstin Jeckel is an artist – an artist with passion. From 1983 until 1989 she studied art and art history at the Städelschule State Academy of Fine Arts in Frankfurt and since then she is very well known far beyond the borders of Wiesbaden, her hometown. Especially the pieces of her famous panel painting series are likewise praised and favoured by art collectors and experts. These panel paintings are only 18 by 13 centimetres in dimension and therefore her smallest art pieces. However, these pieces are as multi-layered, complex and intensive as her large pictures. Kerstin Jeckel's other passion besides her paintings are beautiful packaging and typography.

Kerstin Jeckel
Kerstin Jeckel at work

It's no surprise that her panel paintings deserved a special packaging in which they are sold to Jeckel's customers. Especially as these small paintings are often purchased as gifts, a fitting gift-wrapping was the next logical step. The packaging should contain the correspondent motive and the item number 1 until 12. Hence, not only the painting itself is unique but the packaging as well.

Already since 1995 Jeckel's panel paintings are available. In the beginning, the packaging was a clear folder, then a couple years later a specially designed cardboard box was used. Therefore, each box needed a specially designed label. In search of a fitting solution the artist learned about the company Primera Technology and its LX-Series Colour Label Printer. The machine met Jeckel's expectations of print quality and performance and was purchased without any hesitation. To the delight of artist and her customers the first individual and professional art packaging were created within a short period of time. Whenever a new series of paintings is finished, a new label and the corresponding packaging are designed.

The LX-Series combines high-resolution printing (up to 4800 dpi print resolution) with well-engineered inkjet technology and guarantees brilliant and full-colour label production for all kinds of product packaging. As you are not bound to any minimum production number, the artist is always flexible in design and production of each label. From initial set-up to full operation, the LX-Series is easy to use. Artists like Kerstin Jeckel can either use the included design software NiceLabel SE or most other graphics applications, such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, giving them maximum flexibility and creativity in their designs!

"By using the LX-Series I developed other ideas. After a while I started using hologram bags instead of the cardboard boxes, as those bags with the fitting label have a classier and more original and individual look. Especially as I use a different bag colour for each new series," comments Kerstin Jeckel enthusiastically. Because of the different label sizes and materials printed by the LX-Series, it became a constant source of inspiration. "When someone visits my art gallery and leaves it with a new piece of art, they should carry it home in a nice bag, like you do when buying new clothes in a boutique." Therefore the artist purchased paper bags in all kinds of colours and depending on the occasion these bags were labelled with different designs. No matter if small or large, but for each label the artist uses a motive from her work and adds her contact details. "These paper bags look as elegant and classy as the packaging of my panel paintings, because labels produced with the LX-Series reflect brilliant colours and the glossy finish adds to their high-quality look."

Kerstin Jeckel

Kerstin Jeckel's customers are not only "classical" art collectors, but also industry and business people. Especially this group of people are interested in individualised products. No problem with the LX-Series. By using artistic themes or company logos you can design personalised labels for all kinds of products within just a few minutes. The enthusiasm is enormous. However, the average production volume is often small. Offset printing isn't cost-effective for this kind of print jobs and a label production using a normal office printer and common label sheets doesn't provide the needed quality. For all these reasons the LX-Series is used constantly and in the process the artist develops new applications for it. The LX-Series leaves lots of room for individuality and creativity – perfect for all the opportunities and possibilities of an artist's studio! You could say that as with paintings no label resembles the other. With each print the maximum possible attention is drawn to the product.

"And the best part of it all", summarises the artist, "is the fun and joy you have while working with this label printer!"

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