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Not just breadsticks and biscuits, but color labels too

LX900e Color Label Printer: exceptional opportunity for business growth in a short time

The Forno Bottaro bakery was born out of Gelindo Bottaro’s passion for good quality and artisan products. Founded in 1967 in the center of Piombino Dese, in the province of Padova, Italy, it is today run by his sons Valentino and Massimo Bottaro. Both apply with the same commitment and sacrifice as their father, matching humility with courage to face new challenges such as dietary needs of customers, and they still bake sweet and savory bread of excellent quality every day.

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In January 2013, while visiting the Sigep fair in Rimini Valentino Bottaro and Manuela Codognotto found themselves in front of the Primetec stand (Primetec is the Italian distributor of Primera Technology) where they saw Primera’s LX900e Color Label Printer for the first time. Manuela Codognotto is in charge of marketing and packaging at Forno Bottaro and is very passionate about graphic design. She immediately imagined all the opportunities that would be possible if the company could produce the abels for their fresh and homemade daily products in house, and it was only a small step from imagining to making the purchase. The LX900e allows the printing in full-colour on die-cut label roll material of any size, using four separate ink cartridges for cyan, magenta, yellow and black with a print resolution of up to 4800 dpi to achieve photo quality labels. With no minimum order requirements, labels can be produced as and when, in the desired design and quantity. It is the ideal solution for printing either single individual labels or hundreds or thousands of labels. Other advantages include maximum flexibility and timeliness, no more obsolete or unused pre-printed labels and really low costs.

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"Before buying the LX900e I produced our labels on a traditional printer on pre-cut label sheets, but I lost a tremendous amount of time. Furthermore, the sheets were expensive and I was not totally satisfied with the quality of the final result," said Ms Codognotto. She continued: "Sometimes I found myself wondering if there was a professional color label printer, using rolls instead of sheets, that could be used in our company. When I met Primetec at the show and saw the Primera LX900e I thought it was not real!"

Until recently, the bakery had an annual production of about 8,000 labels used for products sold in the store, but with the investment in the LX900e printer, it has gained the flexibility to print custom labels in-house, and further develop new projects and new opportunities. In just a few months, it has managed to place its products in some of the big supermarkets, food wholesalers and small retail outlets. Products distributed there include breadsticks and coOKIes of around 7,000 packs per month, as well as seasonal products such as the typical Italian cakes for Easter “Colombe” or “Veneziane”, cakes and other local products. Furthermore the bakery is now free to experiment with new products and make small label design changes whenever needed, for example during holiday seasons.

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When asked what has improved in the company after purchasing the printer, Valentino and Manuela said: "First and foremost our image to the outside. Many customers have complimented us on our new labels, which are loved and well-known around the country after only a very short time! "Ms Codognotto is clearly satisfied with the solution. "I have been surprised by how quickly I can now implement my ideas and by the many benefits of being flexible and independent. The print quality is excellent and the printing costs are extremely low. Initially we were a bit apprehensive about making the investment, but it has paid off in no time. If we had known that, we would have bought it sooner!"

To see a company growing exponentially in a short amount of time thanks to a simple investment especially during a difficult economical period for Italian companies is a source of great satisfaction and joy for Primetec and Primera Technology.

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