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Primera’s DP4200 Autoprinter is at a premium for German company

The company, located in Stakendorf on the Baltic Sea, is an online shop selling favourable product keys. Founded in 2016, it currently employs 3 people. Sebastian Meierewert, Customer Relationship Manager, is responsible for support and distribution at He is the contact person for customers having questions during the installation process or when ordering in the online shop.

A simple and thought-out boOKIng system allows customers to receive their product keys and software via e-mail within minutes. They can also order media, like a DVD, for the installation, which will be delivered within a few working days.

Disc Publisher DP-4200 im Einsatz

The company’s goal is to quickly and easily supply the customers with their requested full version on favourable terms and without long waiting time, whether they are from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France or Italy.

“Our vision is to expand our portfolio within the next few years and so our clientele as well,” Mr Meierewert reveals the company’s future plans. In search of a printer helping the company to stand out from its competitors and offering its customers a unique service Primera’s DP-4200 Autoprinter was selected. No other device was used for this application before. “The printer is perfectly sized, fits well on a smaller table or even on a shelf and is incredibly easy to use,” Mr Meierewert explains the decision.

Not least due to the specific application of DVD printing the Disc Piblisher DP-4200 has been purchased from Primera Technology Europe in February 2018.

The DP-4200 Autoprinter without burner drive is used in the production department. Here DVDs containing product installation guides will be labelled and then shipped to the customers. By using Primera’s disc publisher the DVDs obtain a professional look. Customers will not receive plain and simple looking media but individually designed DVDs, making them more appealing.

In addition to the satisfying cost-performance ratio Mr Meierewert praises the further benefits of the DP-4200: “The independence and the flexibility in the production process.” While other suppliers send their installation guides on simple, silver DVDs, he has the opportunity to create an individual design for each customer. Especially with a view to the future the company therefore becomes independent in terms of the production process, can freely create the designs and address customers individually.

Although there is currently no other investment planned Mr Meierewert is so satisfied with the DP-4200, that he would recommend Primera’s products at any time.

The DP-4200 Autoprinter without burner drive is used in the production department.

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