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CX1200e FX1200e Label Products Registration Support

CX1200e/FX1200e Colorgate ICC Profiles

Please find below professional ICC profiles for Primera substrates, created with the Colorgate Productionserver Profiler Modul (PFM).

L312NNPTG216HIS Primera Poly PET Transparent Gloss ICC
L312NNPWG216HIS Primera PET Poly White Gloss ICC
L312NNWC216HIS Primera Paper Wine Cream ICC
PL312RAC216 Primera Paper Antique Cream ICC
L312RAW216 Primera Paper Antique White ICC
L312RHG216390HIS Primera Paper High Gloss ICC
PL312RKB216 Primera Paper Kraft Brown ICC
L312RMPW216 Primera Paper Multiprint White ICC
L312RPTG216 Primera Poly Transparent Gloss ICC
L312RPTM216 Primera Poly Transparent Matte ICC
L312RPWM216330 Primera Poly White Matte ICC
L312RSG216330 Primera Paper Matte ICC
RPWG216370 Primera Poly White Gloss ICC

CX1000e/FX1000e Downloads


CX1000e Printer Manual English 5.9 MB
CX1000e QuickStart - 561 KB
CX1000e Guide de l'utilisateur Française 6 MB
CX1000e Printer Guída del operador Español 6.1 MB
FX1000e Manual English 1 MB
FX1000e Handbuch Deutsch 727 KB
FX1000e Guide de l'utilisateur Française 1.8 MB
FX1000e Operators Guide Español 3.9 MB

Batch Print Instructions

Download PDF (English) With the purchase of the Memory Upgrade,
Batch Print allows you to print different groups of label files on same roll of material.
This eliminates wasted material and reduces setup time.

Label and Roll Specifications English 52 KB
CX Series Fuser Instruction English 408 KB
FX1000e Manual English 1 MB
FX1000e Guide de l'utilisateur Française 1.8 MB
FX1000e Operators Guide Español 3.9 MB

CX1000e Software

PTPrint v. 03-23-2012 - Download
Label layout and cut file creating software for CX1000e
Installation Tip: If you are updating an existing installation, when prompted for license file information browse to C:\PTPrint or your original installation disc.

Windows® 7/10 Compatible (32bit/64bit) 206 MB

CX1000e Status Monitor v2.0.3 - Download
Monitor Toner level, calculate label costs, adjust settings, etc.

Windows® 7/10 Compatible (32bit/64bit) 8.71 MB

CX1200e Firmware - Download
Engine version - TGENG_LC.IO.E162dPr0b

Windows® 7/10 Compatible (32bit/64bit) 32 MB

CX1000e Printer Driver 1.3 - Download
Color Label Printer Windows Printer Driver.

Windows® 7/10 Compatible (32bit/64bit) 25.85 MB

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