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The perfect accessory to the CX1000e Color Label Printer

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FX1000e professional Matrix Removal System

The perfect accessory to the CX1000e Color Label Printer

Primera's FX1000e Matrix Removal System is the fast and easy way to remove the waste label matrix from your printed rolls of pre die-cut labels. It also slits the liner and rewinds your printed labels into multiple finished rolls that are perfect every time.

Easy, front load mandrels and a strong roller system, combined with powerful motors, guarantees a perfect finish. A second optional mandrel allows wind-up in both directions. The operator board has individual torque controls for each wind-up mandrel as well a master control to regulate the speed.
The machine detects web breaks or end of roll and stops automatic.

Finished rolls are tightly wound and ready for use on cores for use on label dispensers and applicators.

The FX1000e can be also used for simple rewinding jobs. Optional accessories like label counter, marking print and others are under development which makes the FX1000e a long term investment.

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