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Primera Healthcare Solutions

Primera Technology, the world’s leading manufacturer of automated CD/DVD/BD publishing equipment, now offers a complete range of robust, reliable and cost-effective solutions for medical imaging, record management, archival and patient tracking.

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Signature Slide Printer

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Custom Disc Creation

Primera is best known for its award-winning CD/DVD/BD Publishers that robotically record and print discs. The benefits of automated disc creation include:

These solutions are well suited for medical applications such as PACS systems that capture and deliver medical images, HIPAA compliant record archives and specialized areas like Mammo-graphy and Orthopedics. Because of our high performance, low-cost solutions, systems only available to large hospitals and imaging centers can now be utilized by any organization. Even clinics can afford and benefit from solutions utilizing Primera Disc Publishers.

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Easy Integration

Primera’s CD/DVD/BD Publishers can be incorporated using our PTDevSuite™, a powerful set of software tools allowing you to easily script the creation of discs from existing solutions. PTDevSuite consists of two options, PTBurn™ SDK and PTRobot™.

PTBurn SDK is a simple yet powerful server application that runs on the Windows® 7/8/10 Professional operating system of the computer connected to the Disc Publisher. This production server monitors a shared folder or directory for job requests submitted by an application.

These requests are ASCII text files describing the data to be recorded and the image to be printed on the disc. The printing, handled by SureThing™ CD Labeler, is fully customizable allowing for unique text and graphics on each disc.

PTRobotis a lower-level solution comprising of a set of program calls to a Dynamic Link Library (DLL). PTRobot allows an application to take direct control of the robotic disc movements and printing of Primera Disc Publishers. 

Custom labelling

Primera’s LX1000e and LX500e Colour Label Printers offer customizable, full-color label printing. Because of its unique ability to print on varying rolls of label media, the LX-series printer can be used to print sample labels with color coding and ID wrist bands.

Join the many other medical industry OEMs and solution providers around the world that have already discovered Primera. Call +49 611 927770 for more information, e-mail sales@dtm-print.eu or visit dtm-print.eu.

Speciality Printers for Healthcare Industry and Laboratories

The Signature Slide Printer and Cassette Printer represents true innovation for Pathology, Cytology and Hematology labs as well as other medical, educational or research organizations that need to print cassettes on a regular basis.
For more information visit dtm-medical.eu.

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