Third generation of Primera’s Disc Publishers
successfully in use

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Long-term and reliable service of Disc Publishers at MRU

MRU GmbH, a company for emission technology, is already working with the third generation of Primera’s Disc Publishers producing CDs/DVDs with manuals and software.

Since its foundation in 1984 the growing family business MRU GmbH, based in Neckarsulm-Obereisesheim/Germany, is producing emission technology for industry and crafts. The wide range includes high-end devices for gas analysis e.g. products for stationary industrial measurement technology, mobile exhaust gas analysis, biogas analysis, automobile measurement, digital precision manometer as well as measuring devices for heating climate and synthesis gas analysis.
With exports in over 70 countries the company is both nationally and internationally successful. Wolfgang Werner is responsible for the technical documentation at MRU.

Disc Publisher DP-4202 im Einsatz

Wolfgang Werner takes care for technical documentations at MRU.

For many years the company MRU is a dedicated user of Primera’s Disc Publisher series. After the Signature IV & Composer in 2002 and the Disc Publisher Pro XI2 in 2008 the Disc Publisher DP-4202 is the newest addition since March 2018. It is used for creating optical media (CD/DVD) with CI-conform imprints. The CDs/DVDs contain instruction manuals as PDF files, product information for trade shows or device-specific software. Those replace the printed versions of user manuals and the software previously saved on floppy disc.

As many customers couldn’t handle the manual on a CD in 2002, a short information sheet explaining the operation of the PC drive and the CD’s file manager was added. That was necessary, because the number of support calls accumulated at the beginning of the conversion.

For Mr Werner the greatest advantage of the DP-4200 consists in minimising costs, as material and effort are kept low during production. The lower purchase prices of the three Primera devices, bought since 2002, helped as well to minimise the entire costs.

With over 40.000 CDs, produced by each of the first two devices, Mr Werner is very satisfied with the price-performance ratio within the production cycle. After all, the printers have been used for up to 8 to 10 years before being replaced. That is a great benefit for Mr Werner, as there were and are not really comparable products available in that price range. Whoever needs an industry-specific production of media in an appropriate print quality and number won’t be able to ignore Primera.

Primera’s first class support has also proven in practice. “The technical support assistant took the time to install the suitable driver for our PC via TeamViewer. Also an unexpected failure of the robotic controls have been immediately localised and fixed,” describes Mr. Werner his experience.

Despite the decreasing numbers of optical media due to modern end devices and download solution, Mr Werner would fully recommend each one of the Primera products he used. He is convinced that there still will be selected applications using optical media and the Primera Disc Publishers in the future, e.g. for data storage.

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MRU Messgeräte für Rauchgase und Umweltschutz GmbH
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Phone: 49 7132 - 99 62 0

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