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Primera winner

Thank you all visitors at our stand at Broadcast Video Expo (BVE), who participated on our poll. Hope you enjoyed show and found more information about our innovative CD/DVD and BD products.

As a leading manufacturer in CD/DVD desktop duplication, we offer a wide range of products meeting the needs of small businesses up to the professional demand of high-volume production facilities.

Selected components like Pioneer or Panasonic recorders, high-resolution ink-jet engines up to 4800 dpi with water resistant print results and a 24 month warranty on Disc Publisher products purchased through authorized European sales channels with a lifetime software support are just a few highlights to mention.

Besides our 10% promotion for all visitors we gave all participants of the BVE poll the chance to win an iPad mini.

Thanks again and Congratulations. The winner of an iPad mini for participating in our poll at BVE is:

Somay Nakhal   •   Watford   •   UK

For all of you, who participated, but haven't got the iPad, we won't leave you all with nothing, so we've drawn 10 consolation prizes.
Congratulations to all happy second winners:

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