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FX400e Foil Imprinter

Primera Announces FX400e Foil Imprinting System

Automatically applies shiny gold and silver and clear film to inkjet printed labels.

PLYMOUTH, MN, USA (January 21, 2009) — Primera Technology, Inc., a leading manufacturer of specialty printers, today announced its new FX400e Foil Imprinting System.

FX400e, an optional accessory to Primera’s LX-Series Color Label Printers, works in-line to apply shiny gold and silver borders, fonts and other graphics to inkjet-printed labels. The effect is virtually identical to traditional metallic hot-stamp technology, adding brilliant, shiny highlights to labels. Since the process is 100% digital, there are no set-up charges. Virtually any design imaginable can be printed.

“Adding shiny gold and silver graphics to your labels dramatically increases your visibility on the retail shelf,” said Mark D. Strobel, Primera’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Getting noticed almost always means more sales. This makes it easy to cost-justify adding an FX400e to your in-house label printing capabilities.” Products that can benefit from shiny metallic borders and graphics include wine, specialty and fancy foods, high-end gift items and much more.

Clear film for FX400e is also available. When printed onto inkjet-printed labels, it not only adds a professional, glossy finish but also makes labels virtually waterproof. Additionally, the clear film adds UV resistance to printed output, allowing longer exposure to natural and artificial light sources.

Primera’s exclusive PTFoil™ Software is included with FX400e. The software makes it fast and easy to combine two different graphics — one for inkjet printing and the other for foil imprinting — on the same label.

Also included in the system is a powder-coated metal stand for holding the LX-Series inkjet printer and the FX400e imprinter. The stand keeps both units perfectly aligned during production and allows a “loose loop” between the two printers.

The FX400e Foil Imprinting System sells for € 1,499 (MSRP). Shipments will begin in March 2009. The product is available from Primera’s Authorized Distributors in Europe and in over 85 other countries.

About Primera Technology
Headquartered in Plymouth, Minnesota, Primera Technology, Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of specialty printing equipment including the LX-series label printers and the Disc Publisher-series CD/DVD duplicators and printers.
More information about Primera, its history and products is available on the Internet at or Contact DTM Print in Germany by phone at +49 611 927770, by FAX at +49 611 9277750 or by e-mail at
In Asia Pacific, contact Primera Asia Pacific by phone at +61 3 8586 3030, by FAX at +852 3014 7827 or by email at
Notes to Editors:Primera Technology EUROPE is an independent company called Primera Europe. Primera Europe is under contract with Primera to provide sales and support for Primera products under the name Primera Technology Europe. Primera Asia Pacific is an independent company called Asia Pacific Optical Distribution Ltd. (APOD), incorporated in Hong Kong, PRC. APOD is under contract with Primera to provide sales and support for Primera products under the name Primera Asia Pacific.

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