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Primera Blu-ray

Primera Europe Sets New Price Standard for Automated Blu-ray™ Disc Publishing Systems

Latest rumors about end of new standard are proofed wrong

Live-Demonstration of Primera’s Blu-ray Disc Publishers at Media-Tech in Frankfurt, Germany (May 6-8, 2008 booth # A44)

Wiesbaden, Germany (April 8, 2008) - Primera Technology Europe™, European Headquarter of US based Primera Technology, Inc. today announced a new price strategy for all Blu-ray models of Primera’s Disc Publisher Series.

To bring the Blu-ray sales to a new level, Primera Europe reduced the prices by 15 to 24 percent — right in time for the Media-Tech show in Frankfurt, Germany.

Since 2005 is the world’s leading manufacturer of CD, DVD, and Blu-ray Disc duplication and printing equipment a member of the Blu-ray Disc Association (founded in 2004) and therefore, the first manufacturer of automated disc publishers to announce support for Blu-ray Disc technology.

“It’s a relieve that the format war has finally come to an end — not only for customers but also for us as manufacturer,” said Andreas Hoffmann, Managing Director of Primera Europe. “Now, consumer and companies start trusting in the optical media of the future and sales will increase.” The financial loss for the industry just in Europe is calculated several 100 million Euros.

As “just predictions” comments Andreas Hoffmann all news claiming the soon coming end of the Blu-ray Disc.  “It’s true, many people already buy and download movies and audio tracks from the Internet. But it’s human nature to own a physical copy of the favorite songs and movies either on CD, DVD or now on Blu-ray Disc. No to mention that external media is more reliable than an internal PC hard drive. Also, not everyone has the resources and transfer rates to legally download everything they want.”

And that’s just the consumer side of how to use Blu-ray Discs. The main applications for companies with high data volume are long time and audit compliant archiving, backup and physical storage.

Primera’s automated disc publishers burn and print up to 350 CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs per batch. The devices are used by a wide range of companies and organizations, including schools and universities, video and music production studios, government and military and businesses of all types including more than eighty-five percent of the Fortune 500.

All new prices for Primera’s Blu-ray products including the Disc Publisher SE Blu, Disc Publisher XR Blu, Disc Publisher XRP Blu and Disc Publisher XRn Blu can be found at

About Primera Technology
Headquartered in Plymouth, Minnesota, Primera Technology, Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of specialty printing equipment including full-color label printers and CD/DVD/BD duplication and printing equipment. Its products are sold in over 200 countries and have been installed at more than 85 percent of Fortune 100 companies.
More information about Primera, its history and products is available on the Internet at or Contact DTM Print in Germany by phone at +49 611 927770, by FAX at +49 611 9277750 or by e-mail at
In Asia Pacific, contact Primera Asia Pacific by phone at +852 3180 7171, by FAX at +852 3014 7827 or by email at

Notes to Editors: Primera Technology EUROPE is an independent company called Primera Europe. Primera Europe is under contract with Primera to provide sales and support for Primera products under the name Primera Technology Europe. Primera Asia Pacific is an independent company called Asia Pacific Optical Distribution Ltd. (APOD), incorporated in Hong Kong, PRC. APOD is under contract with Primera to provide sales and support for Primera products under the name Primera Asia Pacific.

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