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discontinued product

EOL - Not available anymore!
USB Publisher 2100 - Copies USB pen drives in a flash


  • Complete computer system with Windows 7
  • Intelligent operation and visualization of each copy process
  • Network integration possible
  • Administrator and user accounts with copy job log functionality
  • 21 individually controllable USB slots
  • Optional adapter for duplication of SD and other flash cards
  • Made in Germany
Primera USB Publisher 2100

Copy up to 21 USB flash drives with up to 90 MB/s*

Primera‘s USB Publisher 2100 copies up to 21 USB flash drives fast (up to 90 MB/s*) and simultaneously.

The tower, developed by German manufacturer Altec, is pre-installed with Windows 7 (either English or German, other languages upon request) and Altec‘s PowerSoftware. It‘s shipped with a >built-in DVD drive, mouse and keyboard. In addition the USB Publisher is network capable, allowing an easy integration. The intelligent user interface and intuitive visualization enable users at any time to easily track the status of each copy job.


USB Publisher 2100 is compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0 Sticks.

The Job Wizard enables the selection of several parameters such as editing the file name of any file image, number of copies or data verification after writing.
USB flash drives with lower data content than the maximum data capacity can be programmed a lot faster by using the software feature ”Creating and Copying Smaller Image Files“.

An optional software interface for data exchange with external applications (e.g. to adapt USB flash drives individually) is also included.
By using an optional adapter you can also copy SD and other flash cards.

PowerSoftware Advantages

PowerSoftware Features

*depends on USB connection and type of USB flash drive.
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