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DX850e Label Dispenser Not available anymore!

DX850e Label Dispenser

Primera's new DX850e Label Dispenser helps you quickly and easily peel and present labels from rolls.

The built-in precision micro-switch detects when a label has been removed. Then, the next label is quickly and automatically fed forward, ready to remove. You'll be able to apply labels much more quickly than ever before. A built-in LED display counts up or down, indicating how many labels you've applied or how many you have left.

DX850e Label Dispenser

Fast and Easy Label Dispensing

The DX850e Label Dispenser automatically peels and presents self-adhesive labels one at a time. It replaces manual label peeling, making your production lines faster and more efficient.

DX850e is robust and reliable, made in the USA of heavy-duty sheet metal and machined steel. It is also one of the few label dispensers available with UL, UL-C, CE listings, FCC approval and RoHS compliance.

DX850e Label Dispenser


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