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HKW Case study

We are able to handle anything our customers require

International company is proud to offer an extensive range of products to different industries with the help of Primera’s CX1200e/FX1200e Labelling and Finishing System to produce half a million labels in-house per year.

That’s why they choose the CX/FX solution, because it gives them the flexibility to print exactly how many labels they need.

In 1941 Henry Kingsbury formed Kingsbury Components which manufactured volume controls. With vast experience and knowledge in the electronics field, Henry found himself developing new ideas to make the manufacturing process more successful. Today the H K Wentworth Group is proud to offer an extensive range of products to different industries, a dedicated research and development team and a committed customer service department providing the ultimate all round service. label printer

Three exciting brands, with three diverse product portfolios are brought to their customers:


Electrolube- Europe’s leading manufacturer of electro-chemicals for the electronics, automotive and manufacturing industries.
AF International – The market leading brand of advanced cleaning products for computers and communications equipment in the modern working environment.
EuroChemi - Provides innovative high-tech chemical solutions for niche applications in the fields of cleaning, agriculture, railways, soil contamination and erosion, along with waterproofing technologies for many materials.

We were very reliant upon external label suppliers. We had a very limited capacity to print colour labels in house, but they required manual finishing. The biggest problem we had with external suppliers was the enforcement of a minimum order quantity. Cost was also an issue, particularly on low quantity orders,” says Richard Dickson, IT Manager.

Managing Director, Ron Jakeman, met some members of Primera’s Distributor “KTEC Group” at a trade show. Initial contact was made, and the project began from there.
H K Wentworth Group installed a CX1200e and FX1200e combination in June 2012 and are really happy with it.

Richard Dickson explains: “We had a brief look at other printing solutions, but the cost of them was a major factor.

labeled products

H K Wentworth Group uses the CX1200e/FX1200e combo for low to mid volume label runs (from 2 labels up to 2000 labels). It is particularly useful for their private label business and for production runs that require a quicker response time. That’s why they choose the CX/FX solution, because it gives them the flexibility to print exactly how many labels they need. Over the last 12 months, they have produced approximately half a million labels in-house.

The label material they recommend is standard matt white paper material, overlayed with Primera’s quiet laminate film to give a glossy finish, and protect the labels from chemical damage.

We are able to handle anything our customers require, most tend to be straight forward labels, but we have experimented with the cutting facilities of the FX1200e and it is a truly versatile machine. The print solution has given us the ability to respond quickly to customer demand. Cost has been lowered, especially on the low volume requirements,” emphasises Richard Dickson.

The other major advantage they have gained from moving their label production in-house, is a significant decrease in wasted labels. The company generally only prints what is needed for each production job. Previously, they would be forced by their label suppliers to take a minimum order quantity, e.g. 500 labels, which could equate to a number of years supply!
They were then having to dispose of labels as regulations changed, artwork changed, even an address change when they moved to their new facilities in 2010.

Over the last 12 months KTEC Group has been a valued supplier and has assisted quickly on the rare occasion H K Wentworth had any problems. KTEC provided a full 2 day training course with them. They also now have internal documentation to detail the operation and integration of the CX/FX1200e system into the supply chain.

We would certainly recommend the solution! It has been relatively straightforward to install, easy to use, and gives any supplier or manufacturer the means to produce high quality, finished labels,” recommends Richard Dickson.

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