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Cutting or Winding – It’s Up to You
Our LX910e Color Label Printer offers many great new opportunities for you. One of them is the choice of label output.
On the one hand LX910e has the well-known LX2000e built-in pizza-wheel label cutter with easy change access panel for the cutter blade. It is integrated in every unit and fully automatic. You can choose after how many labels the printer should cut.

On the other hand, you can rewind the labels on a roll. The easiest way to simplify your workflow is to use one of our rewinders, for example RW-7 or RW-9.
To show you how easy it is to rewind labels with our rewinders we created a short video.
Watch the Video!

There is Almost Nothing We Cannot Get For You
As diverse as the applications are so are the requirements for a label. And we all know that the perfect label has an important influence on the success of a product. True to the slogan "There is almost nothing that does not exist" we always provide the best suitable label for your application.

Have you ever heard of these?
  • Inkjet Foil for tight radii: This PVC-free, glossy material is perfect for labelling narrow-cylindrical objects such as ampoules, syringes, cosmetics and much more.
  • Inkjet Security Film (fissile): Specially suitable for tamper evident labels. The security film delaminates in layers on any attempt of removal. And it delaminates in hot, dry or wet conditions.
  • Dry Peel: Like a coupon which is usually used on-pack and can completely be removed from the product. Thanks to the transparent lower layer, the product appears as usual once the upper, printed layer is removed. Easy to give additional details or promotions without altering the design of the product.
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🔍 Tip of the Month
How to print on high-gloss substrates with LX1000e/LX2000e?

The particles in the pure pigmented black are larger than the coloured particles in the CMY ink tanks. Gloss substrates become durable when using the CMY ink tanks only.

To make sure that LX1000e/LX2000e doesn’t use the pigmented black cartridge, you need to set saturation/cartridge to "High - Color Only/CMY (Best for Water Contact)" or "Medium - Color Only/CMY“ in the LX1000e/LX2000e print driver. That’s it!

We Wish You Relaxing Summer Holidays

The well-known "show break" during summer is here. Everyone’s enjoying their vacation and we hope to welcome you back on one of our next shows starting end of August.


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