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🎥 New FX510e Video (Part 3)
Our third FX510e video shows the easy installation of the foil printer. Follow the few steps from downloading the driver software to connecting the printer to the PC.
Watch the Video

🆕 Label Substrate Sample Book

With the constantly increasing number of label materials, our sample book has also changed.
We now have summarised all materials suitable for inkjet label printers in one book: The Genuine DTM Label Stock Sample Book.
With colourful label samples it shows how outstanding labels can look when printer and material fit together perfectly.

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🔍 Tip of the Month
Why you should install the printer driver before connecting the printer to the computer.

When you connect a device via USB cable with a PC before you install the driver, Windows will automatically search for the suitable driver to install the device. That works fine with many devices, such as mice and keyboards.
Some of our label printers and other printers don’t support this automatic installation. Therefore it’s important to install the printer driver before you plug in the USB cable to the computer. Otherwise the installation of the printer will fail and leave the printer inoperable.
Please do not connect the printer to the PC until you are asked to do so during the installation process.
To avoid any other problems, always download the latest printer drivers from our website.
Driver for Label Printers
Driver for Disc Publishers

We Wish You Relaxing Summer Holidays


The well-known "show break" during summer is here. Everyone’s enjoying their vacation and we hope to welcome you back on one of our next shows starting end of August.

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