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New February Issue of DTM's Monthly Newsletter is Ready!
Stay up-to-date on all news and information regarding Primera's disc and label products, software, shows and much more.

New Firmware Updates Available!
We continuously improve our products. Therefore we are happy to announce new firmware updates for the LX500e and Disc Publisher SE-3, which not only increase the lifetime of our ink cartridges but also enhance the printing quality of our printers.

Firmware update for PC and Mac is carried out via status monitor.
See submenu “Firmware” here.

Disc Publisher SE-3
Version 1.31 (10) for PC and Mac is available.
See submenu “Firmware” here.

Good To Know

The AP362e Label Applicator is a great machine to automate your labelling process. In order to exploit its full functionality there are several commands that are certainly good to know.

Here’s a list of the most useful commands and modes:
F0: Represents the single label application mode.
F1-F9: Memory locations for up to nine different front-to-back label offsets for applying two labels to a round container.

Set Counter: Press and hold ”Recall/Reset“ button for five seconds to reset the label counter to zero.
Change Measuring Unit between English (Inches) and Metric (Centimetres):
• English: Turn off the unit. Press and hold ”Mode“ and “+“ buttons while switching on the unit. A “-“ appears as the first digit of the firmware version number on the display.
• Metric: Turn off the unit. Press and hold ”Mode“ and “-“ button while switching on the unit. A “=“ appears as the first digit of the firmware version number on the display.
Set Mode of Container Roller Motor:
• Run after apply (default): Turn off the unit. Press and hold the “Recall/Reset” button with the ”+” key and turn on the unit.
• Stop after apply: Turn off the unit. Press and hold the “Recall/Reset” button with the ”-” key and turn on the unit.
Activate Half-speed mode for labels 153mm (6“) or wider:
Hold down the foot switch while switching on the unit. The AP362e will remain in this mode until it is deactivated. To deactivate this mode, hold down the foot switch again while switching on the unit.
More About AP362e

"Never Stop Learning, …
… because life never stops teaching.”

But no one ever said that you can’t get help. Half of knowledge is to know where to find it.
In order to learn more about the world of our disc publishers our FAQ page is a great source to get started.

You’d like to learn even more?
Primera has one of the best online knowledge bases in the industry. You can access it 24/7 on our website or use our online live chat to discuss your question(s) with one of our sales or support members.
FAQ Disc Publishers

Tip Of The Month

How do I reactivate dried cartridges?

Do you experience a dried ink tank in your LX500e, DP SE-3, DP-41xx or Primera Trio?
It is possible that cartridges can dry out when your printer is not used over a longer period.

Good news is that you don’t have to throw them away. There are two easy ways to reactive a cartridge quite quickly. Our latest video tutorial explains both options step by step. Click on the button below and check it out!

Watch The Video


Getting to Know Each Other

E-mails, phone calls, online chats – all great ways to stay connected, especially when you’re not living in the same city. But to actually get to know someone it’s best to meet in person. Same applies for our products. Seeing them in action at one of the many trade show events all over Europe this month is probably the easiest and most convenient way.

At which of the following events can we or one of our partners welcome you and introduce you to our product range?



Meet Primera representatives at:


Medlab, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Stand Z5B42,
with Primera, 06-09 February,

Biofach, Nuremberg (Germany), Stand 9-643, hall 9,
with Primera, 15-18 February.



See Primera products in action at the following partner shows:


ENOMAQ, Zaragoza (Spain),
with Porta Sistemas, 14-17 February,

FOODTECH, Plovdiv (Bulgaria),
with Dilcom, 22-26 February,

Roadshow Vilvoorde, Vilvoorde (Belgium),
with Tasco, 22-23 February,

Frühjahrstagung der ÖGPath, Wien (Austria),
with VWR, 23-25 February,

Frühjahrstagung der ÖGPath, Wien (Austria),
with Sanova, 23-25 February,

Corso Teorico, Naples (Italy),
with Diapath, 23-24 February.

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