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Manuals for end-of-life products

All manuals are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be viewed on your computer. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, it can be downloaded at no charge by clicking here.

Unsere Handbücher liegen als Adobe Acrobat PDF-Dateien vor. Sie benötigen zum Ansehen den Acrobat Reader. (Den Acrobat Reader können Sie kostenlos auf der Adobe Web-Site laden.

CD / DVD Publisher

Disc Publisher Pro Xi-Series Manual English 2 MB
Disc Publisher Pro Xi-Series Quickstart English 914 KB
Disc Publisher Pro Xi-Series Schnellstart Deutsch 1.9 MB
Disc Publisher Pro Xi-Series Quickstart French 856 KB
Disc Publisher Pro Quickstart English 774 KB
Disc Publisher Pro Schnellstart Deutsch 967 KB
Disc Publisher Pro XP/2000/Mac OS X Manual English 3.1 MB
Disc Publisher Pro XP/2000/Mac OS X Handbuch Deutsch 3.7 MB
Disc Publisher II XP/2000 Manual English 2.8 MB
Disc Publisher II Quickstart English 824 KB
Disc Publisher II Schnellstart Deutsch 782 KB
Disc Publisher II XP/2000/Mac OS X Handbuch Deutsch 2.4 MB
Disc Publisher II XP/2000/Mac OS X Manual French 3 MB
Disc Publisher XR Quickstart English 940 KB
Disc Publisher XRn (Network Publisher) Manual English 2.8 MB
Disc Publisher XRn Quickstart English 1.1 MB
Disc Publisher XRn Schnellstart Deutsch 1.1 MB


ADL-MAX Manual English 925 KB
ADL-MAX Quickstart English 625 KB
ADL-MAX Handbuch Deutsch 1.07 MB
ADL-Max Schnellstart Deutsch 764 KB
Signature Business Card Adapter Kit English 272 KB

CD/DVD Duplicators (Burn Only)

DUP-08-1000 Manual English 5.5 MB
DUP-08-1000 Handbuch Deutsch 5.8 MB
DUP-08/1000 Manual French 6.3 MB
ComposerMax English 1.7 MB
ComposerXL/ComposerPro English 2.2 MB
Composer/ComposerPlus English 1.2 MB
Conductor English 368 KB

CD/DVD Printers

Signature Z1 Manual English 940 KB
Signature Z1 Manual Deutsch 1.7 MB
Signature Z1 Manual Dansk 1.7 MB
Signature Z1 Manual Italiano 1.7 MB
Signature Z6 English 596 KB
Signature Z6 Quickstart English 768 KB
Signature Z6 Quickstart Deutsch 704 KB
Signature IV English 928 KB
Signature III English 2.6 MB
Signature III Deutsch 3.5 MB
Signature II English 704 KB
Signature II Deutsch 3.8 MB
Signature English 524 KB
Inscripta English 720 KB

CD/DVD Laminators

Accent II Disc Laminator English 1.22 MB
Accent II Quick Start English 204 KB
Accent Disc Laminator English 532 KB
Archival Appliance
OptiVault Manual English 3.52 MB
OptiVault Quickstart Guide English 1.0 MB
Retrospect Manual (old version - no software support) English 8.59 MB

Disc Shredder

DS360 English 196 KB
DS360 Deutsch 196 KB
DS360 Español 236 KB
DS360 Italiano 236 KB

Software Manuals

PTBurn Network Software English 2.2 MB
Primo DVD English 1 MB
SureThing CD Labeler 3 English 648 KB
PressPrint Deutsch 4.5 MB
PrimaBar English 744 KB

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