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Primera Sponsorship

Promotional DVDs of the Thann Horse Sports Festival

The promotional DVDs for the 2007 Thann Horse Sports Festival came directly from the sponsor, Primera Technology Europe, in Wiesbaden.

Uwe Schwanz said last night that he was impressed by the quality of the product. "We chose Primera," he said, "after our marketing director saw them at the Systems 2007 in Munich and was impressed by what these DVD Publishers could do. They seemed ideal for equestrian use, especially because the quality of their copying is being matched by the ease with which the layput programme for the DVD covers can be handled to result in a top product allround. Since we had very high standards to uphold for the Thann Equestrian Festival 2007, it was clear that we were going to choose a DVD sponsor that would match our strive for excellence."

The Primera Technology Disc Publisher, says Schwanz, can be left ro run overnight once the set-up has been made. "This, of course, is also an important aspect for equestrian use," he elaborates, "as very often in the horse business, things need to move very fast. You have auctions to prepare for, stallion shows and the like, all of which run to a fixed schedule."

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