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Primera Supports Music Talent "Jim Victor von Ruegen"

Jim Victor von Ruegen had a big capability of musical sense since he was born,

his family was and is very addicted to musicality. His ancestors from the Austrian-Hungarian empire beforehand were an opera singer and the bandmaster at the court of the russian tsar. His parents Yvonne and Ulf Bruchalla have early recognized Jim's affinity for classical music, which fascinated their son from his early years on.

When time passing by music became the dominant part in Jim's young life.

Only five years old, he had his first piano lessons. At the age of six Jim took part in the 'masterclass piano' at the 'hmt', the academy for music and theater in Rostock. One time a professor noticed, that the little Jim has the 'absolute sense of hearing', the ability to hear single notes. So, in the year of 2010, Jim began to study piano at the academy for music and theater in Rostock.

Disc Publisher für Musik-CDs

Classical music is the most important type of music for Jim

but additionally he also prefers doing 'Pop-Schlager', a style combining elements of folk, pop and beat music. Jim partly moderates his own gigs and sings entertaining compositions. The 'man at the piano' has his instrument at the ready almost all the time.

Nowadays Jim learns primarily at the Privateschool-of-Music on the island of Rügen, but also in Rostock and Berlin. There he gets educated in main courses of piano, singing (classical and pop) and entertainment.

The young pianist and student loves his audience and they like him very much because he combines modesty, sympathy and a good look with great skills on his instrument.

Jim orientates himself on musicians like Elvis Presley and Richard Clayderman, Victor Emanuel von Monteton (pianist/conductor) and Joja Wendt (jazz-pianist/entertainer). There are too many examples to mention them all…
In the future Jim likes to travel abroad giving concerts and getting to know different regions, nations and cultures.

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