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LP130e Laser Marking System

Primera Announces LP130e Laser Marking System

New high-powered laser-based marking system produces highly-durable labels, tags and nameplates.

PLYMOUTH, MN, USA (May 1, 2013) — Primera Technology, Inc. ("Primera"), one of the world's leading manufacturers of specialty printers, today announced the availability of its LP130e Laser Marking System.

LP130e is a new, optimized version of the company’s previous DL500e Durable Label Printer. LP130e has a number of significant improvements including up to 25% faster print speeds than DL500e. It also is compatible with a wider variety of laser markable tapes, labels and tags. In addition the product’s new name more accurately describes the device as a “laser marking system,” making it more apparent that it utilizes a high-powered laser for marking instead of inkjet or thermal transfer inks which generally have less durability than laser-marked materials.

LP130e enables fast and easy in-house production of labels and tags for use in a wide range of severe and harsh-duty applications, including the U.S. Department of Defense's IUID program labels, UDI labels for medical devices and healthcare equipment, automobile VIN and under-hood part number, warning and instruction labels, aerospace and solar panel labels, serial tags for outdoor equipment, automobile parts, building materials and much more.

Text, graphics and linear or 2D bar codes can be marked onto special laser-ablateable substrates that can be up to 130mm (5.1") wide. Finished labels and tags are extremely robust and do not require lamination to withstand extended exposure to UV light, chemicals, liquids and temperatures of up to 300C. As such, they also meet the requirements for UL and CSA rating plates and Serial number tags and labels.

Instead of ink, LP130e utilizes a specially-designed laser diode along with high-precision, matched optics. Labels and tags produced with this technology are typically used to replace metal plates or labels produced by resin thermal transfer that are laminated in a secondary process but are still not durable enough for many applications.

Printer drivers are included for Windows® XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Also included is easy to use label design and printing software from Seagull Scientific called BarTender® Primera SE UltraLite for Windows.

Pricing and Availability

Depending upon configuration, LP130e systems will be priced between € 18,000 and € 22,000 (MSRP) in Europe. The printer is available from Primera's Authorized Resellers and Distributors in more than 222 countries.

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About Primera Technology
Headquartered in Plymouth, Minnesota, Primera Technology, Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of specialty printing equipment including full-colour label printers and CD/DVD/BD duplication and printing equipment. Its products are sold in over 222 countries and have been installed at more than 85 percent of Fortune 100 companies.
More information about Primera, its history and products is available on the Internet at or Contact DTM Print in Germany by phone at +49 611 927770, by FAX at +49 611 9277750 or by e-mail at
In Asia Pacific, contact Primera Asia Pacific by phone at +852 3180 7171, by FAX at +852 3014 7827 or by email at

Notes to Editors: Primera Technology EUROPE is an independent company called Primera Europe. Primera Europe is under contract with Primera to provide sales and support for Primera products under the name Primera Technology Europe. Primera Asia Pacific is an independent company called Asia Pacific Optical Distribution Ltd. (APOD), incorporated in Hong Kong, PRC. APOD is under contract with Primera to provide sales and support for Primera products under the name Primera Asia Pacific.

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