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The Rack Burns

Can you imagine that any film studio not only creates videos, but also produces DVDs in any quantities and printed with the label you want? Sounds crazy? Welcome to reality!

WIESBADEN, GERMANY – The DP-4102 XRP Disc Publisher from Primera Technology burns and prints up to 100 CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray Discs per job. Copy stations aren't new, but they are less expensive and a lot faster these days. And compact: The DP-4102 XRP can be mounted in any 19" rack.


Disc production systems like the DP-4102 XRP are affordable for small and medium-sized video. For everyone who needs to produce disc series regularly, those devices come in handy, especially for small to medium-sized jobs, which are too expensive to be produced at a press shop. The alternative, to burn and print discs one at a time, quickly ends in a time-consuming donkeywork. Time better used for creative studio work.


In any case, there's plenty of work for duplicating and printing solutions in film, mastering and production studios. It's worth purchasing a disc publisher, not only to produce DVDs for demo versions, but also to create copies of event videos such as weddings, anniversaries and business events for sale.

In- and outside

Primera's DP-4102 XRP presents itself in a rugged metal cabinet. The inside is accessible through an acrylic lockable door and contains two DVD/CD or BD burn drives, a built-in printer and two replaceable bins. The DP-4102 XRP becomes a real eye-catcher when it's turned on: the entire interior shines in blue light - a very helpful feature as different light schemes indicate status or errors.

Set-up including software installation is done within minutes. PTPublisher – a wizard-style publishing software for both Windows and Mac is included in the package. DP-4102 XRP offers separate ink cartridges for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black and print speeds of 6 seconds per disc.

Two models are available:

DP-4102 XRP Disc Publisher: 100-disc capacity and two high-speed CD/DVD drives; € 2795 (MSRP).
DP-4102 XRP Blu Disc Publisher: 100-disc capacity and two high-speed CD/DVD/BD drives; € 3995 (MSRP).

DP-4102 XRP Disc Publishers are available now from Primera's resellers and distributors worldwide. If you want to see a live-demo of the machine, Primera will show the DP-4102 XRP at IBC in hall 7, stand H09.

About Primera Technology
Headquartered in Plymouth, Minnesota, USA, Primera Technology, Inc. is one of the world's leading specialty printer manufacturers. Its products are sold worldwide through Primera Authorized Resellers and Distributors in more than 200 countries.
More information about Primera, its history and products is available on the Internet at or Contact DTM Print in Germany by phone at +49 611 927770, by FAX at +49 611 9277750 or by e-mail at In Asia Pacific, contact Primera Asia Pacific by phone at +852 3180 7171, by FAX at +852 3014 7827 or by email at
Notes to Editors: Primera Technology EUROPE is an independent company called Primera Europe. Primera Europe is under contract with Primera to provide sales and support for Primera products under the name Primera Technology Europe. Primera Asia Pacific is an independent company called Asia Pacific Optical Distribution Ltd. (APOD), incorporated in Hong Kong, PRC. APOD is under contract with Primera to provide sales and support for Primera products under the name Primera Asia Pacific.

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