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Primera Supports Music Talent "Jim Victor von Ruegen"

Primera Christmas present for this year: a CD with tracks from a young pianist

WIESBADEN, GERMANY (November 29, 2012) — For the second time Primera Technology supports the highly talented "Jim Victor von Ruegen" on his way to become a professional concert pianist. The company, located in Wiesbaden, Germany, produces Jim's Christmas album consisting of twelve wonderful Christmas tracks. "Six years ago we had the pleasure to work with Jim for the first time. Since then he has not only become a young adult but also his piano play has changed," commented Andreas Hoffmann, managing director of Primera Europe. "His way to play is mature, elaborate and sweetens the Christmas time." Listening to this Christmas album helps to forget the all too typical pre-Christmas stress.

Primera sponsors the disc production and gives away the album disc to its business and sales partner worldwide. "Because of the success of the last Christmas album here in Germany we now hope to also get an international audience excited for this talented musician, who dreams to become a professional pianist," continued Hoffmann. But not only companies and businesses should benefit from the commitment of Primera. Of course also private persons receive a free copy of the music album if they send a stamped DIN-A5 envelope to Primera (address: Primera Technology Europe, cue: "Christmas CD", Mainzer Str. 131, 65187 Wiesbaden, Germany).

Jim, whose real name is Jim Bruchalla, is now 19 years old. However, his enthusiasm for classical music never faded away. Even today Viennese Classic is one of his favourite music eras. Only five years old, he had his first piano lessons, because the beautiful tunes fascinated him. At the age of six Jim attended the "master class piano" at the "HMT", University of Music and Drama Rostock. A professor immediately noticed that Jim got the "absolute sense of hearing", the ability to hear single notes. At the age of eight he was responsible for the whole musical arrangement for a festival at the island Rugia. More events followed.

Besides classical music, oldies, folk music he prefers playing "Pop-Schlager", a style combining elements of folk, pop and beat music. Thanks to his long-time friend and musical director of "Festival – International Knabenchöre" Harry Turné Jim receives today his education in Greifswald, Berlin and Rostock. Jim won several regional and nationwide contests. His musical idols are Richard Clayderman, Elvis Presley, Joja Wendt and Victor Emanuel von Monteton. Today Jim also sings and teaches young talents.

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