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PTProtect DVD Anti-Rip Copy Protection

PTProtect is a new software program built within Primera's PTPublisher duplication software that provides a reliable and effective anti-rip solution for protecting DVD Video by preventing unauthorized duplication.

How Does PTProtect Work?

PTProtect software is applied to the DVD image during authoring so when content is burned to disc it is encapsulated with the PTProtect software. The encapsulated content on the DVD is then protected from access by common ripping programs. The content on the DVD is not modified in any way and because the copy control encapsulation sits in areas of the discs not read by the DVD players, play-back quality remains unaffected.

PTProtect is a passive solution and therefore, does not load any software program onto the PC for the protection to work. In essence, PTProtect copy controlled discs are designed to provide effective "speed bump" protection from unauthorized casual copying.

Copy controlled discs have full playability designed to match the same playability levels in DVD players as unprotected DVDs.

Ease of Work Flow

With a single click within Primera's PTPublisher disc publishing software, the encapsulation protection is applied to the ISO image file prior to burning the disc.

Once protected, the ISO files can be processed in the normal way for burning to DVD. It is a simple one-step process taking seconds or minutes to apply on the first disc run.

Protection is applied on a "click-charge" basis for each disc burned. Blocks of protection keys are conveniently purchased on pre-loaded USB memory sticks. View brochure.

The Most Powerful Choice

PTProtect is designed to help protect the rights and profits of the copyright holder. It is a robust yet transparent anti-rip solution that can significantly help to prevent inappropriate copying of discs.


PTProtect is only compatible with Windows Vista, 7, and 8.

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