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Frequently-Asked Questions - LP130e Durable Label Printer - DF-30e Smoke and Fume Filter
(March 18, 2013)


1. What does the printer cost?

2. Does the printer use ink?

3. What's so special about LP130e versus other laser marking systems? And why does it look so much like your LX900e printer which costs so much less?

4. What is the cost per label and how does that compare to other means of obtaining this type of label?

5. What approvals does the system have?

6. Who is Coherent and why is their name on the front of Primera's printer?

7. Besides buying a LP130e, what other options are available for producing durable labels?

8. Do I need training to operate LP130e?

9. Is the printer dangerous in any way?

10. Since the laser is burning the substrates, do I need to vent the printer?

11. Can I also print regular labels with LP130e?

12. Is software to run the printer included? If so, what?

13. How does the laser work?

14. What kind of maintenance is required?

15. What is the warranty on the printer?

16. How long will the laser last before it needs replacing?

17. Can I use LP130e in an office environment or does it need to be out in a warehouse or factory?

18. Can a rewinder be used with the printer?

19. I see lots of stickers inside the printer telling me to not to touch certain surfaces. Why is that?

20. How fast is the printer?

21. I see it only has a USB port. Is Ethernet available?

22. What is the printer's resolution?


1. What size labels are available and how do I get a custom size?

2. Can I use anyone's laser marking materials?

3. Why do I have to buy the labels from Primera?

4. What adhesives are available and are they highly durable too?

5. Are different colors available?

6. How durable are the labels? Are some more durable than others?

7. Why do you call some substrates "smoke" and others "smokeless?"

8. I would like to try a non-Primera supplied laser marking material. How can I do that?

9. Can the laser also cut out the shape of the labels?

Smoke and Fume Filter

1. Why do I need a smoke and fume filter? That sounds very strange for a printer.

2. What is the function of each of the five internal filter elements? Why are there so many?

3. How often do I need to replace the filters?

4. Do I need to take any steps to properly dispose of the filters?

5. Is the filter noisy?


1. What applications require such durable labels?

LP130e produces durable labels for a wide range of applications, including:

2. What is UID?

3. What is UDI?

4. Can LP130e produce UL/CSA rating plate and serial tag identification labels?

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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