DUP tower duplicator
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Event Duplicators Can Burn Up to Fifteen Discs at Once!

Easy-to-Use Tower Duplicators

Place a master disc in the top drive, load up to 14 blank discs and press “AUTO COPY.” In just minutes, you’ll have 14 perfect copies of your data, music, video or virtually any other digital information.* A built-in 500 GB hard drive allows you to store jobs for later use.

Many Applications for CD Copies

Tower duplicators — as opposed to disc publishers like Primera’s Disc Publisher SE or Disc Publisher 4100 — are typically used when many identical copies are required in a very short period of time. Churches, schools, service bureaus as well as many other users find this to be their best solution for live event duplication.

Disc Publisher with DUP

Optional Manual or Automated Printing

Use one of Primera’s award-winning direct-to-disc printers to pre-print your discs for the fastest throughput. For low-volume or for higher-volume, full colour automated printing, choose the Disc Publisher SE-3 AutoPrinter (20 discs) or Disc Publisher 4200 AutoPrinter (100 discs).

Reliability and Long Service Life

The DUP-14, DUP-10, DUP-08 and DUP-06 uses a unique, aluminum chassis and frame while most other tower duplicators use painted steel. Aluminum is more expensive, but more efficiently dissipates heat. This important difference translates into longer life of the recorders as well as other components inside your new duplicator.

Overview High-Speed Duplicator Towers DUP-Series "Black Edition"

Copy Towers for up to 6, 8, 10 or 14 disc at a time as stand-alone systems (no PC needed) with built-in hard drive are available in diffenrent models:

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