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Colour Matching Software Solution for CX1200e/FX1200e by ColorGATE

ColorGATE’s core product, Productionserver, is a modular and scalable RIP, workflow and colour management software. It is used daily around the globe by thousands of digital imaging users and also supports Primera’s CX1200e Digital Printing and FX1200e Finishing System.

Productionserver 10 (PS10) features increased RIP speed through parallel tasks processing, excellent colour management and fast profiling, optimal colour replication and consistent reproduction.

Productionserver 10 Select for Digital Label Roll Printing and Finishing

For CX/FX users ColorGATE put together a PS 10 package based on “PS 10 Select”, which is the powerful, budget-minded entry-level solution that contains all needed features for the use with CX1200e and FX1200e. As PS 10 Select is modular in design it allows you to add additional modules at any time to meet new needs.

Productionserver 10 Select enables:

Collective Job

Collective Job (Nesting)
Combine several print jobs into one collective job (nesting). Afterwards they can be ar-ranged either optimised for cutting or opti-mised for material savings.

Tiling Function

Tiling Function
Segmentation of very large, over-sized graphics and images on the screen into separate segments.

Color Replacement

Color Replacement
Replace colours and spot colours (automatically or manually) with direct measurement device integration and any input colour or colour range (RGB, CMYK, spot) with CMYK and L*a*b* colours.

Linearization Assistant

Linearization Assistant
This wizard creates printer and media specific linearisation to ensure reliable colour reproduction.

Media Device Synchronisation

Media Device Synchronisation (MDS)
Enables you to revert your CX1200e to a reference state. Additionally a fine adjustment of several CX1200e is possible in the event of system or environment related deviations. All CX1200e label printers can be matched in a way that identical results are possible.

Gamut Viewer

Gamut Viewer
Enables impressive 2D and 3D comparisons of different colour spaces. It helps you and your customer to understand, which print colours are possible with Primera’s CX1200e.

Profiler Module

Profiler Module (PFM)
Enables comfortable, assistant-guided creation of professional ICC profiles. No matter what label material you choose, you can create the right ICC profile for it.

Print and Cut Module

Print and Cut Module (PCM)
The PCM synchronises the CX1200e printing and FX1200e cutting.

Adobe Print Engine

Latest Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE)
Included for a smooth end-to-end, highly automated PDF workflow. It provides many advantages in PDF data handling and colour management.


5 Active Hotfolders
Allows fully automated output according to predefined settings and the cross-platform processing of print jobs. More hotfolders can be added as needed at any time.

Colour Matching for CX1200e

Job Settings

User Interface Colorgate

Set specific automation parameters

Set media size, roll specifications and FX1200e parameters

Set job related parameters, such as multiple copies/output, label size, alignment or space between copies

Set media profiles and colour replacement

Enhance 16-bit rendering options, set optional parameters for PDF, Postscript and bitmap

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