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Professional Disc Publishing in a New, Extra-Rugged Package! Not available anymore!

Primera’s Disc Publisher-series for DVD/CD are the best-selling in the world. It’s easy to see why. No other disc publishers manufactured offer as many features, have won as many awards, deliver such reliable performance and are as cost-effective. Now, all of these attributes are available in a new, eXtra-Rugged version that’s designed for an even wider range of applications and environments.

Introducing the Disc Publisher XR

Just like Primera’s Disc Publisher II, Disc Publisher XR automates the process of burning and direct-to-disc printing for up to 50 discs at a time. But Disc Publisher XR offers many additional features:


Advanced Software

Disc Publisher XR includes the most feature-rich burn and print software available. It’s from Sonic®, the world’s leading manufacturer of DVD/CD recording software.

Disc Publisher XR stackedDPXR Rack

Disc publishing and duplication is simple: just connect to a Windows® PC or a Mac®, specify how many discs are required and press “GO!” Come back later and you’ll have up to 50 perfectly burned and full-color printed discs - created automatically and hands-free.

Rack ‘Em or Stack ‘Em

Besides the optional rackmount kit, Disc Publisher XR is built tough enough that you can stack two units on top of each other. This saves valuable desk or counter space while doubling your throughput and offering redundancy.

Two units may also be run simultaneously on the same PC.
For control from other software applications, programmers can quickly integrate Disc Publisher XR by utilizing Primera’s PTDevSuite&#trade;. This comprehensive API for Windows XP/2000 provides full control of Disc Publisher XR’s burning, printing and robotics functions. PTDevSuite is available at no extra charge to registered developers.

Black painted steel stand for DP-XR or DP-XRP Disc Publishers. Allows easy dispensing of up to 50 discs in kiosk mode.

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