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Professional, High-Performance CD/DVD Publishing with Disc Publisher Pro! Not available anymore!

Disc Publisher Pro™ is Primera’s newest and highest-performance disc publisher ever. It automatically burns and prints up to 100 CDs or DVDs at a time – all in a compact, attractive unit. With unparalleled durability, dependability and reliability, Disc Publisher Pro is the best choice for businesses and organizations that demand solid performance and value.

As the “big brother” to our Disc Publisher II™ Disc Publisher – the world’s best-selling CD/DVD disc publisher – Disc Publisher Pro sets new standards for quality, speed and reliability. Just a few of its features and benefits include:

Burn and Print CD, DVD and Blu-ray Discs – Automatically!

Disc Publisher Pro is designed for unattended, hands-free burning and direct-to-disc printing. Just specify the files you wish to duplicate, add a print file if desired, select a quantity and click on the “GO!” button.

A new wizard-driven software interface helps you to produce discs quickly and easily. Even if you’ve never burned and printed a disc before, the software will lead you effortlessly through each step. An Advanced User Interface allows experienced users to access powerful features such as disc streaming, data format conversion, and much more.

disc publisher picker

Disc Publishing with the Fastest Throughput

When deciding upon a disc publishing system, one of the most important factors you’ll likely consider is the number of discs you’ll be able to produce per hour. Disc Publisher Pro’s robotics, printing and even tray-in/tray-out speeds have been carefully designed and optimized for maximum throughput.

In standardized testing, Disc Publisher Pro burns, prints and transports up to50 discs per hour* – about 22% faster than our closest competitor!

Color CD Printing with Afterburner™ Technology

Disc Publisher Pro’s high-speed color printing is the fastest you’ll find. That’s why we call it Afterburner Print Technology (APT). APT uses an all-new print head technology from Lexmark® that doubles the width of the print swath. This means that you’ll be able to print more discs in less time. APT also has sophisticated firmware control to precisely maintain the outstanding print quality you’d expect from a printer with 4800 dpi print resolution and an industry-leading 3 picoliter droplet size. We’ve even made replacement ink cartridge alignment easy by making the process completely automatic.

No Assembly Required - Burn and Print, it's so easy

Disc Publisher Pro is fast and easy to set up because everything’s built-in. Just take it out of the box. Plug in a single high-speed USB 2.0 interface cable. Turn on the power and install one software program. Total set-up time is less than five minutes. The attractive, transparent hinged cover ensures that the robotic mechanism, drives and recordable media are not accidentally bumped. It also protects against dust, spills and other possible contaminants.

mini disc Many Choices of Media - Business Card CDs, 80mm CDs

Disc Publisher Pro produces not only standard 120mm CDs and DVDs, but also several of the popular business-card shaped discs and mini CD/DVD formats. An optional media adapter kit is required.

disc copy

Need More Capacity?

Simply place a Disc Publisher PROP onto the platform of the ADL-MAX Autoloader. In just minutes, you’ll be able to increase the capacity of your Disc Publisher PRO to 350 discs. Increases the capacity of a Disc Publisher II to 325 discs.

The Most Powerful Software

PTPublisher professional duplication software is included for Windows. The burn engine is provided by Sonic®, the world’s leading manufacturer of CD/DVD burning software. This is the same burn engine software selected by Microsoft® for inclusion in Windows XP Media Center and by Adobe® Systems for use in Photoshop® Elements 3.0. There’s no better or more robust burning software available.

copy software Network Capability with PTPublisher NE Software

There's never been an easier and more efficient way to burn and print discs from any PC in your office! Powerful and easy to use, PTPublisher NE allows you to share your Disc PublisherII, Disc Publisher XR, Disc Publisher Pro or Disc Publisher XRP over a network and comes with an unlimited number of client licenses. Available for Windows-users only.

AccuDisc™ Technology

You’ll appreciate Disc Publisher Pro’s exclusive AccuDisc Technology. This patent-pending suite of hardware and firmware enhancements provides the most accurate and precise disc picking available. It utilizes advanced optics instead of mechanical components to completely eliminate misalignment of the pick mechanism. It also prevents the feeding of two discs into the recordable drive – a common problem with other, less advanced picking systems.

Free, Around the Clock Assistance

Just ask our customers and check out our product reviews. You’ll find that Primera’s Technical Support is consistently rated the best in our industry.

Knowledgeable, friendly support is available during regular business hours and around the clock via e-mail and our comprehensive online Knowledge Base. All technical support is provided at no extra charge.

The Price/Performance Leader

It’s a fact – Primera now manufactures more automated CD / DVD duplication, printing and publishing systems than all of our competitors combined. So, no matter what you need to produce – discs with audio, music, video, software, photos, data and more – you can feel confident about Disc Publisher Pro’s performance and reliability. We’ve built well over a million printers and duplicators in our 33-year history. No other company in our industry even comes close!

* 15MB file, 40% print coverage on CD-Rs using the same print and data files.

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