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Automated Disc Publishing

Primera's best-selling Disc Publisher SE is the first device of its kind to incorporate JVC's Archival recordable drives and Archival Grade DVD-R media. Disc Publishers automate the process of producing discs. With the included software for PC and Mac, it is fast and easy to burn and print quantities of discs or individual discs with unique information. In addition, a comprehensive Software Developer's Kit (SDK) is available at no charge. The SDK makes it easy for developers to integrate Primera disc publishers into applications such as video, film and photo archiving, Digital Asset Management (DAM), document and medical imaging and much more.

Government organizations, legal firms and general business need to archive large quantities of digital information for a long period of time. Businesses are paying close attention to the next generation of recording medium and related storage options. For all of these organizations, JVC's new Archival Grade DVD-R provides secure long term storage of data.

JVC Archival Grade DVD-R complies to the Optical Disc Archive Test ISO/1EC10995 which states that recorded data can be retained safely for more than 30 years under a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius and with 50%relative humidity.

Archival Disc Publisher

JVC's Archival Grade DVD-R delivers long term data retention by the use of the company's own specially developed dye, which controls the initial writing error at low levels. The reflective layer was also specifically-developed for archival use and is designed to last the lifetime of the media.

Special Features

Archival Grade DVD-R has a hard-coat surface similar to that of the latest BD-R media. Compared to JVC's standard DVD-R surface, the archival media is:

Archive-Series Disc Publishers with JVC Archival drives are able to burn the Archive Grade DVD-R as well as standard CD-R and DVD-R. Archive-Series Disc Publishers combined with JVC's Archival recordable drives and Archival Grade media, provide a reliable and efficient system for backing up critical data. This solution also helps businesses free up active storage devices by off-loading content onto reliable and stable media.

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