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Increase the capacity of your Disc Publisher II or Disc Publisher PRO with ADL-MAX! Not available anymore!

Primera ADL-Max

Primera’s Disc Publisher II and Disc Publisher PRO are the best-selling CD/DVD/BD disc publishers in the world. These reliable and affordable devices burn and print discs automatically and “hands-free.”

Disc Publisher II produces up to 50 discs at a time and Disc Publisher PRO produces up to 100 discs at a time. But what if you need to burn and print even higher quantities of discs?

Primera Technology Introduces ADL-MAX Disc Autoloader

High-volume CD-R and DVD±R disc production is easier and more affordable with the ADL-MAX Disc Autoloader.

Maximum Capacity

With ADL-MAX, Disc Publisher II’s capacity increases from 50 discs to 325 discs. Disc Publisher PRO’s capacity increases from 100 discs to 350 discs. It uses advanced robotics to transport discs from the four integrated input bins into and out of the burning and printing mechanisms of the Disc Publisher II or Disc Publisher PRO.

Maximum Reliability

The integrated robotics have been designed for continuous-duty, high-volume operation in even the most demanding production environments. In factory life tests of ADL-MAX's robotics, over 250,000 discs were transported without a single missed pick.
ADL-MAX connects to any Windows® XP/2000 based computer via USB 2.0. A cable is included along with RoboPrint and PrimoDVD software to control ADL-MAX's robotic function.

Maximum Value

Compare other high-capacity disc duplicators and you’ll see that the ADL-MAX combined with a Disc Publisher II or Disc Publisher PRO is the best value available for burning and printing several hundred discs at a time.

  ADL-MAX with Disc Publisher II   ADL-MAX with Disc Publisher PRO

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