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Planet of health, the company that needs individual product labels in small series and different languages.

Label on demand

lanet of Health -The company AS AN Ltd. markets its products and services under the brand name Planet of Health. We developed our own method of diagnosing and healing called thermoregulation – the regulation of body temperature. Our goal is to reactivate bodily functions even when conventional medicine has given up, which signifies great scientific progress. We do not treat diagnoses – we simply reactivate body functions and thereby heal the system holistically.

labeled products

What we have

The products we use are 100-percent natural, cold press, non refined, modified vegetable oils such as soyabean oil, sunflower oil, poppy seed oil, wallnut oil, sesame oil, linseed oil, apricot oil, almond oil, …. We also offer essential oils from all over the world. They include minerals which serve as food or are included in food products or cosmetics.

What we need

Our products are filled in a small glass bottles (5 to 100 ml). The series are small and vary from 100 – 1000 pieces. So, we had problems with making labels or in other language – it was very expensive.

What we have

We found Primera printer and from now on we are creating our course of action. Responsive time and the quality are very important factors for us and both are achieved with Primera LX900e printer. We print about 10.000 to 15.000 labels per month in six different languages.

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