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Specialized printing equipment

Fragrantielles uses Primera's LX400e Color Label Printer to produce labels for its products.

Label on demand

ragrantielles - is a small company producing personal care products such as essential and vegetables oils, floral water and alimentary aromas. The company uses Primera's LX400e to print their own product labels. Once their cosmetic products are made and conditioned in a laboratory, they are then labeled in-house. Fragrantielles looks after design, size and shape of each product label.

For several months the company was interested in the specialized printing equipment by Primera Technology, Inc., a world leading manufacturer offering a printer range for all kinds of companies, especially for small to medium sized companies in the cosmetic industry.

LX400e Color label printer

Before they purchased a Primera printer, Fragrantielles used an external label printing service to get the product labels they needed. Then the company decided to buy the Primera LX400e Color Label Printer, which is suitable for small label production runs. Colette Julien, director and owner of Fragrantielles explains her choice: "The costs of labels when ordering them from an external printing house were only low when you purchase a high production quantity. We're a small company with only a small amount of different products. So we don't need thousand and thousand of labels for only one product. Therefore we were looking for a small on-demand printing solution."

Colette Julien came across Primera's products by searching for a solution on the Internet. She got in touch with Primera's French distributor LPS. LPS then helped Mrs. Julien to find the perfect Primera printer for her needs.

One major advantage of the LX400e is that labels produced with it are smudge-, water- and oil-resistant. Usually when bottles and tubes of cosmetic products like beauty creams, essential oils, etc. are open, the content tends to spill on the product label and the ink is either smearing instantly or starts to deteriorate. But with Primera's label material you don't have to worry about that.

Didier Jouandeau, Primera Sales Manager in France, concludes: "Our printers are the perfect solution for companies looking for low costs on small production volumes and at the same time need to have a high printing quality guaranteed for their product labels."

About Fragrantielles:

Since 2009, Fragrantielles brings a piece of nature to its Customers through their essential oils and food aromas. The company cooperates with a laboratory that selects high quality and environment friendly products.

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