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Quality in and outside of the jar

New CX1000e Color Label Printer by Primera Technology at the herbal plant Erbaflor Peruzzo
in Novi Ligure.

Erbaflor and its history

In November 2012, Primetec installed Primera’s new CX1000e system for digital color label printing at the herbal plant Erbaflor Peruzzo in Novi Ligure. Erbaflor is one of the oldest and most established herbal companies in the North of Italy. Mr. Igino Peruzzo, father of three generations of herbalists, created in the 50s the first herbal laboratory. Several years later, his son Sebastian created the brand Erbaflor and is now together with his wife Rosanna Arecco the legal representative of the company. Their daughter Dr. Irene Peruzzo and Dr. Stefano Panzeri are technical directors of respectively cosmetic and food.

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Erbaflor counts 19 employees – continuously growing – and successfully starts to expand even into the foreign market. Since 2010, the company owns a new factory with an authentic herbal laboratory, in which they realize the transformation of traditional herbs and plants.

Distribution and retail stores

There are many stores that sell Erbaflor throughout Italy, but you can also find their products at licensed pharmacies. In November 2012, the company opened a new Erbaflor flagship store in the historic center of Genoa and soon will open its first franchise stores.

More than 700 products

The company produces more than 700 herbal products, including dietary supplements, perfumes, essential oils and natural cosmetics as well as personalized product lines for contract manufacturing. The need for small label quantities for a large number of products, delivery delays, obsolete label stock, high inventory costs, printing errors and changes in regulations are only some of the problems, which Erbaflor had to face on a daily basis. A few years ago, in order to demonstrate the innovative capacity of the company and to temporary solve the problem of printing small batches of full-colour labels on rolls, Erbaflor chose Primera once before by purchasing its inkjet printers LX400e and LX810e.

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Digital printers are not all the same

In time the need for quantitative products has gradually grown. Sure and confident of the print quality and experience Erbaflor had with Primera’s inkjet-based printers, the company decided to purchase a larger color label printer for pre-die cut label stock in early 2012 – not a Primera product but another brand, which we will not name here.

The choice of quality ...

After a short time the chosen printer proved definitely wrong and caused high costs and numerous inconveniences in the production. The most serious problem was the apparent color degradation on product labels, which were displayed on shelves. That led to obvious economic damage and a bad company image. Several attempts to overcome this defect were not sufficient to solve the problem.
For this reason, Dr. Panzeri decided once again to trust the quality and professionalism of Primera’s products and Primera’s official Italian distributor Primetec. The technical cooperation and the label print proofs were crucial to identify the most suitable printer model to meet the needs of Erbaflor. The choice fell on Primera’s new CX1000e.

label printer case study image

Advantages of Primera’s CX1000e

The new CX1000e is the first colour laser printer in the world that prints on pre-die cut label rolls. Thanks to an original Primera technology the pre-die cut label rolls are still with intact matrix and available in various media types: matt, high gloss or natural paper as well as opaque, translucent or transparent plastic films – just to name a few. This unique product delivers short runs of razor-sharp printed labels, high quality printing with no toner scatter and a photo mode print resolution of up to 4800 dpi. Once the desired quantity of labels is printed, the printed label roll is placed in the RW-7 Label Rewinder. The RW-7 offers a fast and easy way to remove the matrix, slit the liner and rewind the labels into finished label rolls, ready to be applied by automatic applicators.
Today the only inventory cost for a printed label is blank pre-die cut label stock and toner cartridges for color printing. There’s virtually no waste or scrap. But one of the most important advantages of the system is that it offers maximum flexibility and punctuality in the production of color labels. By choosing Primera’s CX1000e Color Label Printer in combination with the RW-7 Label Rewinder Erbaflor can produce professional UV-, water-, solvent- and abrasion-resistant labels – perfectly suited to meet the highest quality requirements. Because ... the quality is in and outside of the jar.

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