Imprimerie Souquet case study


Before Imprimerie SOUQET got the CX/FX combo system, they weren’t able to offer a flexible solution for the production of smaller amounts of adhesive labels. The CX1200e/FX1200e is a great investment in the company’s future.

“With the CX/FX1200e we are now more competitive in the label printing market.”

The printing house L’imprimerie SOUQUET, based in Romans-sur-Isère was founded in 1974. After a first change of ownership after 20 years and a second one another 20 years later, Mr. Robert Tison is now the current owner and general manager. The printing house has six employees and offers commercial offset and digital printing and the printing of adhesive labels on rolls for a wide range of customers. The company’s clientele is diverse and contains not only small, medium-sized and large companies but also communities, shops and local associations. For its adhesive labels department they have various customers like local wineries or producers of honey and nut oil, all well established in this region.

Labelling sauces

Although L’imprimerie SOUQUET has two main business areas, they emphasize more and more on the sales and the production of adhesive labels, without neglecting the rest.

“The printing of adhesive label rolls is a service that appears obviously in view of our geographical location, “explains Robert Tison. “We don’t need to look very far to realize that there is an enormous amount of manufacturers around us, who produce all kind of products bottled in flacons, jars or bottles. And all of them require labels. Many producers are still sticking labels by hand, although the step to simplify their task is not huge. Now there are small automatic or semi-automatic label applicators available for a reasonable price. Using adhesive labels saves them considerable time, allowing them to better focus on their core business.

For Mr. Tison the right label is the one that fits best the customer’s needs.

Therefore there are two aspects to consider: the quality of the technical realization and the service associated with the customer’s request (consulting, costs, deadlines).

Soon L’imprimerie SOUQUET realized that they didn’t have a flexible solution to produce smaller amounts of labels. As a printer they have high demands on the quality of printing and cutting, the make-ready times, the flexibility and the production costs for planned productions. From another printing house colleague they heard about Primera and its label printing solutions and got in contact with Olivier Thion from Ollagnier, a Primera distributor in Lyon. “We have retained the Primera solution among others,“ said Robert Tison. “The print quality and the cutting convinced us at the live demonstration. And we got good feedback from other users,” adds he.

Labelling Hot Lemony Piri-Piri

Since December 2014 L’imprimerie SOUQUET uses the CX1200e Color Label Press in combination with the FX1200e Digital Finishing System. The CX/FX1200e combo enables them reduce costs and to better serve the markets for small amounts of labels with up to 300 or 3000 copies. For some customers they print up to 10,000 copies with this system.

Adjusting and make-ready times are greatly reduced, and we don’t need to achieve printing plates or cutting tool. In fact the printing and cutting are in-line, since they are both digital,” explains Robert Tison the advantages of the new CX/FX1200e printing solution.

We are even more flexible to handle urgent orders, and we gained customers which we didn’t have or from which we had just a few ones in the past,” describes Robert Tison the recent results.

They invested less then 100.000 EUR for the system and they expect amortisation within three years. L’imprimerie SOUQUET is really satisfied with its new printer, although they would appreciate more favourable consumables, and they would recommend the CX/FX printing and finishing system. To summarise it all, Robert Tison concludes: “The CX/FX1200e meets all our requirements in terms of quality and cost investment.

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