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Label on demand

llenne Label Adhesive Manufacturing,  located in the province of Viterbo, added in March 2011 the innovative PRIMERA CX1200e Color Laser Printer and the FX1200e Digital Finishing System to their other systems for industrial production that they already owned.

The owner and administrator Luca Napoli is the founder of this company. Founded in 1989 with the aim to provide labels in factories and supermarkets, the company has grown and developed over the years by adapting to market changes. With the help of 12 employees the company offers a wide range of services relating to the world of labels and thanks to the inclusion of the label digital printing system by Primera the Label Manufacturing Ellenne can offer today micro and small runs of labels in rolls at a time, which were impossible with industrial machinery.
Luca Napoli was looking for a digital system for small production quantities. Initially he was looking into a HP20-20 ink-jet, but it neither met his quality expectations nor did it satisfy his needs in production. During the exhibition of Visual Communication in Milan 2010 at the booth of Primetec Srl, the Italian distributor of Primera, Luca Napoli had seen the complete system of CX1200e and FX1200e running for the first time and realized that it could be the perfect solution for their production needs.

label printer case study

Ellennen staff in front of the Primera FX1200e Digital Label Finisher


“The complete system allows us to produce small quantities of labels in record time. Sometimes we were able to deliver label runs on the same day of order – of course the customer were thrilled. But the greatest satisfaction for us was to compare the labels made with the Primera CX-FX1200e system with labels created with other digital solutions worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and then to realize that they are of equal, if not even better, quality, having invested only 60,000 Euros for the digital printing and finishing system,” says chief Luca Napoliwith proud.
Luca Napoli continues: “Producing labels with the CX- FX1200e offers a great product but also a fast service, that most customers are willing to recognize and pay for. Once we created up to 30,000 labels of the same graphics - and in that case it was the only way to deliver the work quickly.” He states: “Speed and quality are two features hard to find in one solution, but Primera surprised us.”

The high print quality – the CX1200e offers a print resolution of up to 4.800dpi (equally to photo quality) – and production speed of both machines allowed Ellenne in no time to gain a large slice of a market whose needs had remained unmet in the past. In just four months the company has created more than 150,000 labels, all short print runs, allowing an even better return on investment in just three years.

In addition to the Primera paper material the label manufacturing Ellenne uses a dozen different substrates including paper for wine labels or gold, silver, plastic material. And they continue to test every day new types of media to meet all customer needs. It’s this versatility in the use of substrates along with little maintenance and ease of use, that makes the Primera system the production solution for labels on rolls with the best quality/price ratio in the digital market.


With a maximum web width of 203mm the CX1200e has a print speed up to 5 meters per minute, while the FX1200e produces up to 6.1 meters per minute. The innovative QuadraCut™ Technology enables up to four knives to die-cut simultaneously, allowing precision and speed in the finishing process.
It's the digital die-cutting that saves a lot of money. “There are no additional cost for dies and machinery and zero waiting time. Any required shape and size is possible with the FX1200e – and that in a very short time and without additional costs. Further time saving is achieved through the ability to handle both the printing and digital cut lines within the integrated CX1200e software, one of Primera's exclusive features.”
Luca Napoli summarises: “With this investment we have a cost effective solution that allows us to make small quantities of high quality labels. The continuing expansion of demand for these short production runs is pushing us to the decision to soon buy another CX1200e printing unit, thus confirming the enormous satisfaction of the work we’ve done so far.

The production of small to medium labels quantities on-demand has never been easier!”

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