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Creating Cut Lines for PTPrint in Corel Draw

If you have a CX1200e and are using PTPrint, there are different methods that can be used to create a cut file. (see the manual for more information)
The following describes how to create the cut line in your design software and importing it into PTPrint along with the label. This method is especially useful for non standard shapes or cut lines that do not follow the edges of the printed label.

Corel Draw instructions:

  1. cutlines-CD1.jpgOpen the graphic in Corel Draw
  2. If you have not already done so, create the die line. Place the die line on the bottom layer in exact the position you would like the FX1200e to cut.
  3. Select the die line.
  4. Open the Palette Manager (Window/Dockers/Color Palette Manager)
  5. Right click on the palette to edit, select “edit” and the Palette Editor opens.
  6. Click Add Color, select the tab “Model” and set to CMYK 0000 This is necessary because any part of the imported die line which is not covered by another object will be printed unless you set the color to white. (you don’t need to set the name yet).
  7. Select the newly created color, name it FXCUT and change “Treat as” to Spot.
  8. As you can see, the new color has a little “spot” in the swatch.
  9. Make sure the fill of the object is set to the FXCUT Swatch and the outline is transparent.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Save the file as an EPS (Encapsulated Post Script). Note: There is no need to separate the die line from the graphic. They should be saved in the same file.
  12. Follow the steps in the CX1200e manual to import and array the EPS graphic.
  13. If your die line was correctly named, PTPrint will automatically convert the die line into a cut line. You will know this was successful if the die line appears in PTPrint as a dashed line.
  14. Go to the File menu and choose Cut. Save the cut file as a .plt file on a thumb drive or any location that the FX1200e touch screen computer is setup to access.

Warning: Always use this same PTPrint file to print to the CX1200e. The cut lines will not print. If you change the layout of the graphics you must recreate the cut file or the cut will not align to the graphics.





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